Off-road camper trailer named after a Sasquatch is equally stealthy and rugged

Sasquatch Highland 60 Off-Road Camper Trailer
Sasquatch Highland 60 expedition camper trailer is rugged and stealthy as its namesake. Images © Sasquatch Expedition Campers

Sasquatch Expedition Campers established itself as yet another interesting camping trailer business of the new age with the release of two of the craziest off-road trailers in 2022. The spearhead of the Highland fleet is the Highland 60, a little, unassuming lump of bare metal that seems to be an ordinary gear transporter yet lives like a tear.

The Sasquatch Highland 60 was made to be a small, cozy place for brave, boundary-pushing adventurers, just like the town of Silverton, Colorado, where it was made. The trailer isn’t particularly small, measuring 16.3 feet in length and 6.8 feet in height, but its flat-roofed rectangular form and cargo box-lugging sidewalls give it more the look of a tent-topped trailer, such as the Beaver Built Wapos than a sleep-in square drop.

If you look around the Sasquatch Highland 60 profile, however, you’ll see a side door that confirms the trailer’s status as a permanent place to stay. And Sasquatch designs the Highland with sleeping comfort in mind, with a 60-inch interior width that allows for a queen-size, 75-inch-long memory-foam mattress, giving two campers the freedom to toss, turn, and stretch after a day of hiking through the mountains and valleys.

Once the temperature outside drops below what is considered pleasant, the Highland cabin is heated by a 6,500-BTU Propex heater, and the heat is retained by the well-insulated walls, ceiling, and floor. Paneling made from sustainably harvested rice husks is both strong and watertight, so the cabin may be used in rain or shine.

Sasquatch Highland 60 Camper Trailer Dual Side Entry Doors
The Highland 60 features dual side entry doors, making it easy for both campers to get in and out.

Sasquatch makes the already luxurious Highland even better by adding a kitchen in the back, complete with a low-mounted counter and a three-burner Furrion gas stove. Camp chefs can now easily and comfortably work side by side in the kitchen thanks to the 62-liter Iceco dual-zone refrigerator that is mounted on a door shelf instead of a slide-out that is below the counter. The refrigerator may be removed from its shelf, and a separate work surface can be lowered from the spare tire carrier.

Sasquatch Highland 60 Camper Trailer Iceco Fridge
Iceco fridge comes standard on the Highland 60 Pro and Pro-X models.

In the kitchen, there is a sink with both hot and cold water, storage cabinets above the sink, LED lighting, and 110-V, 12-V, and USB outlets. The Renogy gel or lithium 200-Ah battery powers the DC outlets with direct current. The battery monitor is mandatory, whereas the solar power system is optional. A 136-liter tank serves both the inside plumbing and the outdoor hot/cold shower with potable water.

Sasquatch Highland 60 Camper Trailer Squatch Box
The Squatch Box can hold two solar panels and a camping table.

Silverton may seem a rough and distant place to begin your adventure, but the Sasquatch Highland 60 was designed to go where few have gone before—into the wild and scary lands that lie beyond the city limits. Rather than using steel for its chassis, Sasquatch opts for lighter, powder-coated aluminum square tubing. Sasquatch’s in-house-prepared adjustable coil-over suspension system is also protected by a limited lifetime guarantee. With the help of the thick Fox coil-overs, the 17-inch steel wheels wrapped in BFG all-terrain tires have an additional 5 inches of suspension travel.

Sasquatch knows that modern explorers need certain comforts, so they have put the right things in the Highland 60. The cupboards and cargo bins inside and outside the trailer provide a total of 70 cubic feet of space for your belongings. In addition, there is a standard roof rack with five T-track cross bars for transporting items that don’t fit in the trunk.

Sasquatch Highland 60 Off-Road Camper Trailer Storage
Sasquatch Highland 60 offers loads of storage space – in back, in front, on the sides and on top.

Sasquatch started doing business in 2021, but it really took off in 2022 when it came out with the very popular Highland 60 and the cheaper Smuggler tent-top trailer. The Highland 60 with the entry-level Trail package costs $47,000. The base price rises to $50,950 for the mid-level Pro package and $54,950 for the flagship Pro-X. Will you love to have your next adventure in it?

Source: Sasquatch Expedition Campers