ATLAS: Revolutionary electric scooter streamlining fresh grocery delivery in urban areas

ATLAS Three-Wheeled Electric Delivery Scooter
ATLAS, three-wheeled electric delivery scooter, keeps groceries fresh in its storage pods. Images © Drake Dong

Imagine a future where fresh groceries are delivered to your doorstep by a sustainable, fully electric scooter designed to keep your food items fresh and chilled. ATLAS, a groundbreaking grocery delivery system conceptualized by product designer ShuaiCheng (Drake) Dong, combines a three-wheeled electric delivery scooter, a quick set-up warehouse, and a specialized UI interface. This innovative solution aims to bridge the gap between city and suburban communities by transporting and selling affordable, high-quality groceries from suburban areas to city dwellers and providing job opportunities for suburban citizens.

At the heart of the ATLAS system is a three-wheeled electric scooter designed for efficient grocery delivery. The scooter features a driver-centered UI interface with an information panel that displays the vehicle’s health, the temperature state of the storage sections, and real-time digital maps to guide riders to their destinations.

To ensure groceries stay fresh during transit, ATLAS is equipped with a refrigerated unit and 12 push-and-pull storage pods. According to Dong, each pod is designed to maintain a temperature of around 4 degrees Celsius and is secured in the central refrigerator unit. Although the storage pods appear tightly sealed, Dong acknowledges that the ventilation system may still require improvement. A card slot-shaped design at the front of the pods serves as cabinet handles for easy access.

Safety and performance are key considerations in the ATLAS design. The scooter’s suspension system is engineered to keep the high-horsepower vehicle balanced and protect the cargo, even on sharp turns. To minimize recharge time and extend on-road usability, Dong has incorporated a high-voltage hot-swappable auxiliary battery and a direct drive in-wheel electric motor, which also allows for increased cargo space and improved efficiency.

ATLAS Electric Delivery Scooter Suspension
Advanced suspension system of the ATLAS electric delivery scooter ensures stability and cargo safety during agile urban navigation.

ATLAS boasts a modular design with easily exchangeable parts for convenient maintenance. “The whole frame can be directly built by CNC (Computer numerical control) with quick mass production. Every aspect of the product can be detached with tools,” explains Dong. The scooter’s cargo area is strategically positioned at the front to maximize space and absorb impacts, while the ultra-hard coated stainless steel swingarm can withstand significant weight. Anodized exteriors ensure durability and long-lasting use.

The primary goal of the ATLAS system is to offer a cost-effective solution for quick and efficient fresh grocery delivery in suburban areas. “This system allows for sending groceries more efficiently, without delay or quality issues, by personalizing and minimizing the distribution processes,” Dong states.

ATLAS Electric Delivery Scooter Storage Pods
Temperature-controlled storage pods on the ATLAS ensure groceries remain fresh during transport.

In addition to the ATLAS scooter, Dong envisions a modular warehouse for storing food supplies that the electric delivery scooter would transport. By sourcing groceries from local producers in remote and urban areas, ATLAS could deliver fresh, high-quality goods to cities while reducing user costs. This approach would provide urban families with a more convenient way to purchase fresh groceries and promote transparency in the entire process. “The transparency of the whole process enables users to know where and when their food was produced,” Dong adds.

ATLAS Electric Delivery Scooter Digital Maps Interface
User-friendly digital maps interface on the ATLAS electric delivery scooter provides real-time navigation guidance for efficient grocery deliveries.

While ATLAS is currently a design concept, its innovative approach to fresh grocery delivery holds immense potential for transforming the way urban communities access fresh groceries and support local producers. The combination of cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and efficient delivery systems makes ATLAS an exciting prospect for the future of urban grocery shopping. We eagerly anticipate the day when this groundbreaking delivery system becomes a reality, bridging the gap between city and suburban areas and revolutionizing the urban grocery shopping experience.

ATLAS Electric Delivery Scooter Modular Warehouse
Drake Dong imagines a streamlined modular warehouse designed to complement the ATLAS electric delivery scooter.
ATLAS Electric Delivery Scooter Side by Side
Two ATLAS scooters parked side-by-side.

Source: Drake Dong, IDA