Promobot unveils the world’s first robotic cyber cafe with a supermodel look barista

Promobot Robotic Donna Cyber Cafe
Donna Cyber Cafe is a robotic complex for automated sale of coffee, ice-cream and soft drinks. Images © Promobot

Promobot, a leading manufacturer of autonomous service robots, has recently revealed its groundbreaking project – Donna Cyber Cafe. This innovative robotic complex offers a fully automated experience in the sale of coffee, ice-cream, and soft drinks, revolutionizing the cafe industry.

Donna Cyber Cafe provides a complete customer service cycle, from attracting patrons to serving their orders. The complex has the capacity to produce 36 coffees, 50 ice-creams, and 100 drinks in just one hour. The key to this futuristic cafe lies in its humanoid robot cashier, which not only serves customers quickly but also engages with them, ensuring repeat sales.

The robotic complex took ten months to develop and features a unique social interface in the form of a humanoid robot cashier. The prototype for “Donna” was inspired by Eastern European model Diana Gabdullina. The droid, known as Robo-C-2, was developed in 2023 and gained popularity on the social media platform TikTok.

Significant upgrades from previous models include a new type of servo, a wide range of control for microexpressions that allows the robot to express emotions more vividly, and new silicone skin technology. This technology grants the robot more elasticity, as well as hyper-realistic eyes, making it more reliable, engaging, and realistic.

Promobot Robotic Donna Cyber Cafe Hyper Realistic
Captivating realism: Donna boasts hyper-realistic features, including silicone skin, vivid microexpressions, and lifelike eyes, creating an unforgettable cafe experience.

The complex is equipped with a soft-serve ice-cream machine, a soft drink dispenser, an automatic coffee machine, robotic arms, a self-service payment terminal, and a hyper-realistic robotic cashier to communicate with customers. Thanks to full robotization, the complex can operate 24/7. Screens and dynamic lighting are also incorporated to attract extra attention and increase footfall.

Donna the robot is characterized as easygoing, feminine, slightly ironic, and, of course, a responsible employee of the cyber cafe. Promobot says that the friendly and welcoming robot is always happy to see and greet guests, making the experience enjoyable for all ages. In addition to serving ice-cream and drinks, Donna offers entertaining and educational interactions.

Promobot Donna Cyber Cafe Robotic Arm
The advanced robotic arm effortlessly prepares and serves your favorite beverages and treats in the fully automated Donna Cyber Cafe.

The first Donna Cyber Cafes are set to open in Dubai in 2023, becoming a major attraction for any host city. Residents will be among the first in the world to purchase products made by a robot.

Founded in 2015, Promobot is currently the largest manufacturer of service robots in Europe. Promobots can be found in 43 countries, working as administrators, promoters, consultants, guides, and concierges, replacing and supporting human employees. Promobots are already present in notable locations such as Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall, the National Bank of Oman, a network of clinics in Kuwait, schools in Saudi Arabia, and the Abu Dhabi police.

The introduction of Donna Cyber Cafe marks a significant milestone in the automation and robotics industry. As technology continues to advance, robotic solutions like Donna have the potential to reshape the way people experience everyday services. With its engaging and realistic features, Donna Cyber Cafe promises to provide an unparalleled customer experience, setting the stage for future innovations in the service industry.

Promobot Robotic Donna Cyber Cafe Counter
Promobot says that the cafe is capable of producing 36 coffees, 50 ice-creams, and 100 drinks per hour.

In conclusion, Promobot’s Donna Cyber Cafe represents a bold step forward in the integration of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence in the service sector. The unique combination of a hyper-realistic robotic cashier, innovative technology, and automated processes promises to captivate customers and revolutionize the cafe experience. As the first cafes open their doors in Dubai, the world will be watching to see how this groundbreaking concept changes the way we enjoy our favorite beverages and treats.

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Source: Promobot