OtoSet automated ear cleaning system looks like a pair of headphones

OtoSet Automated Ear Cleaning System
Under the guise of trendy headphones hides a peculiar innovation aimed at banishing earwax. Images © SafKan Health.

If you’ve been looking for an innovative alternative to cotton buds for cleaning your ears, you might find interest in the OtoSet Ear Cleaning System. This device, developed by Seattle-based medical startup SafKan Health, resembles a pair of luxury headphones and offers a quick, mess-free ear cleaning experience. However, the novelty comes with a hefty price tag.

The OtoSet Ear Cleaning System is designed to remove earwax in just 35 seconds by blasting water into the ear canals. The device, however, is not meant for the casual consumer. It is marketed as a medical device for use by healthcare professionals and carries a price tag of $1,999. Despite its significant cost, the company claims the system offers a safe, effective, and mess-free procedure for ear cleaning.

SafKan Health received an $8 million funding boost in March 2023, facilitated by investment firm Unorthodox Ventures. This investment helped SafKan Health introduce the OtoSet to the market and brought the company’s total funding to date to $13 million.

The OtoSet’s unique approach to ear hygiene employs an innovative system of irrigation and micro-suction technology. This is incorporated into a wearable device that closely resembles a sleek pair of headphones, thus enhancing user comfort. The cleaning cycle involves directing liquid flow from solution containers through disposable ear tips and towards the walls of the ear canals to break down earwax. Simultaneously, continuous micro-suction draws the earwax and liquid back through the ear tips and into disposable waste containers, resulting in a clean and straightforward procedure.

OtoSet Automated Ear Cleaning System for Healthcare Professionals
Exclusively for healthcare pros, this device uses innovative irrigation and micro-suction tech in a sleek, headphone-style design for automated ear cleaning.

Sahil Diwan, SafKan Health Co-Founder and CEO, expressed appreciation for Unorthodox Ventures’ role in their business growth. “What impressed us first about Unorthodox Ventures is their knowledge of all things manufacturing, a major help for us as we grow our business. Beyond that, their willingness to assist us in all aspects of our business is what makes Unorthodox Ventures such a unique and welcome partner.”

Unorthodox Ventures’ Founding Contrarian, Carey Smith, expressed admiration for SafKan Health’s transformative approach, saying, “SafKan Health is doing the same with OtoSet.”

The OtoSet is a significant step forward for those suffering from mild to severe earwax impactions. The Mayo Clinic notes that earwax usually falls out on its own, but it can become blocked in certain cases. This wax is essential for protecting the ears from water, dirt, germs, infection, and foreign bodies. However, individuals are more likely to suffer from buildup if they naturally produce more wax, have hairy or narrow ear canals, are elderly (as wax hardens with age), or frequently use a hearing aid, headphones, or earbuds.

OtoSet Automated Ear Cleaning System Irrigation Micro Suction
Continuous micro-suction draws the earwax and liquid back through the ear tips and into disposable waste containers for a tidy, mess-free procedure.

While the OtoSet Ear Cleaning System is a novel and innovative solution for ear hygiene, its price tag and professional-use designation could make it less accessible for the general public. Still, it signifies a substantial step forward in the realm of ear health technology, and we can only hope that it may pave the way for more affordable and accessible ear hygiene solutions in the future. For now, those suffering from earwax buildup might find relief using over-the-counter wax softening drops or warm water to irrigate their ears. Professional medical help should be sought if these home remedies are ineffective.

Source: SafKan