Honda expands sport side-by-side family with Talon 1000R-4 FOX Live Valve

Honda Talon 1000R-4 Fox Live Valve
The 2023 Honda Talon 1000R-4 Fox Live Valve presents numerous enhancements and upgrades. Images © Honda

Honda has announced an exciting addition to its side-by-side utility task vehicle (UTV) roster: the Talon 1000R-4 Fox Live Valve. This new UTV, an expansion of the Talon 1000 series, comes with an improved off-road capability, owing to its enhanced dimensions.

The Talon 1000R-4 Fox Live Valve stands wider and longer than its standard four-seater counterpart, the 1000R-4. This makes it particularly suitable for off-roading in rugged terrain. The four-door UTV measures 152.5 inches (387.3 cm) in length, 68.1 inches (173 cm) in width, and comes with a wheelbase of 118.7 inches (301.5 cm). Additionally, it boasts a curb weight of 1,843 lb (836 kg) with a full tank of fuel.

Honda didn’t limit the updates to dimensions alone. This new model has received significant enhancements in its suspension system. It uses a double wishbone front suspension design integrated with Fox Podium 2.5-inch shocks equipped with Live Valve, allowing for a 17.7-inch (45 cm) travel. The rear suspension system comprises a multi-link trailing arm design with the same shocks, offering a 20.1-inch (51 cm) travel. The new Talon 1000R-4 Fox Live Valve also offers a notable ground clearance of 13.2 inches (33.5 cm), a feature that is essential for traversing rough landscapes.

Further updates to the 1000-series Fox Live Valve models include a new electric power steering unit, updated ignition mapping, full-coverage doors, new aluminum wheels, and improved integration for accessories. Customers will also be offered new color options. However, the industry-exclusive dual clutch transmission and the i-4WD system, long-standing features of the Honda UTV range, will carry over into the new model.

Honda Talon 1000R-4 Fox Live Valve Tranmission and Engine
The 2023 Honda Talon 1000R-4 Fox Live Valve retains its dual-clutch transmission and engine without any alterations.

Honda is not stopping at these models, though. It has promised additional updates to the Talon lineup later in 2023. These updates are anticipated to further enhance the performance and comfort of these UTVs.

The Honda Talon 1000 Fox Live Valve series pricing starts at US$22,500 for the 1000X, with the new 1000R-4 model priced at $25,799. According to Honda, dealership availability for these newly launched models is expected to commence later this month.

Honda Talon 1000X-4 Fox Live Valve
Although smaller in dimensions than its 1000R counterpart, the 2023 Honda Talon 1000X-4 Fox Live Valve boasts analogous suspension improvements for enhanced comfort and performance.

Source: Honda