Nio ET9’s SkyRide suspension shakes off snow, glides over bumps

Nio ET9 SkyRide Active Suspension System
The Nio ET9, with SkyRide fully active suspension, uses independently controlled shock absorbers to shake off snow. Images courtesy NIO

Modern electric vehicles (EVs) have evolved significantly, with flagship models now offering advanced features that go beyond silent driving. The Nio ET9, set to rival the Tesla Model S, exemplifies this evolution with its innovative SkyRide fully active suspension system.

In a recent video shared on Chinese social media platform Weibo, Nio showcased the impressive capabilities of the ET9’s SkyRide suspension system. The video depicts the EV shaking off snow and ice from its bodywork autonomously, a feature reminiscent of animals shaking off water. This functionality demonstrates the practical application of Nio’s intelligent chassis system, which uses independently controlled shock absorbers.

Nio’s SkyRide suspension system includes four dedicated hydraulic pumps that manage each wheel independently. This system not only facilitates the unique ability to shake off snow but also maintains a level ride over rough terrain.

In another demonstration, the Nio ET9 was shown carrying a pyramid of glasses over speed bumps without disturbing the structure, illustrating the suspension’s ability to keep the vehicle stable under various conditions. Additionally, a high-frequency vibration test video highlighted the ET9’s wheels bouncing off the ground while the interior remained calm and undisturbed.

Nio ET9 SkyRide Active Suspension System Stable
The Nio ET9’s SkyRide suspension ensures stability, as it effortlessly carries a pyramid of glasses over speed bumps without spilling a drop.

The Nio ET9 was unveiled last December as a luxury flagship model aimed at competing with high-end EVs such as the Mercedes EQS, BMW i7, Porsche Panamera, Tesla Model S, and Lucid Air. The vehicle boasts dual electric motors delivering a combined 697 horsepower (520 kW / 707 PS) and a 120 kWh battery pack featuring ultra-fast charging capabilities. Besides the advanced active suspension, the ET9 also comes with rear-wheel steering, enhancing its maneuverability and driving dynamics.

Nio ET9 Delivery
The Nio ET9 will be available for delivery starting in 2025.

The starting price for the Nio ET9 in China is CNY800,000 (approximately US$110,055), with deliveries expected to begin in 2025. Given its array of sophisticated features, the Nio ET9 presents itself as a formidable contender in the luxury EV market. Whether it outshines competitors like the new Porsche Panamera remains to be seen, but its innovative technology certainly sets a high standard.