Unveiling the Mitsubishi D:X Concept: A new epoch of adventure vans

Mitsubishi D:X Concept Electrified Crossover MPV
Mitsubishi’s D:X Concept van aims to revolutionize off-road adventures with a see-through hood, AI-driven terrain analysis, and robust PHEV layout. Images courtesy Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi has taken a bold step into the future of adventure vans by unveiling the cutting-edge D:X Concept. The brand-new design not only preserves the legendary aura of the Delica but also magnifies it with a touch of technological elegance and robust practicality. As a successor to the Delica D:5, the D:X Concept is a fantastic amalgamation of multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) space and sport utility vehicle (SUV) durability, positioning it as an exceptional all-terrain vehicle ready to confront the various challenges that nature presents.

In comparison to its predecessor, the D:X Concept incorporates a simpler monobox design, veering away from the dual-box minivan trajectory seen in previous models. This evolution heralds a return to a more robust and efficient design language, augmented by the elimination of the over-designed grille prevalent in earlier iterations.

However, the redesigned skid plates, bumper, and windscreen appear somewhat exaggerated and clunky, affecting the overall aesthetic appeal. Despite this, there is a notable appreciation for the D:X’s wraparound glass, oversized all-terrain tires, and enhanced wheel arches, contributing significantly to its rugged appeal. The vehicle embodies a refreshed vision of adventure, blending a voluminous interior reminiscent of an MPV with the robust construct typical of an SUV.

In terms of structural integrity, the D:X Concept boasts a formidable “rib-bone”-pillared frame derived from the D:5, ensuring passenger safety during off-road expeditions. The interior houses six independent, adaptable seats equipped with an integrated headrest speaker system, part of the premium Yamaha 3D sound system, providing an immersive auditory experience.

Mitsubishi D:X Concept Electrified Crossover MPV T-Shaped Lights
Mitsubishi employs unique T-shaped lights to enhance and broaden the vehicle’s visual appeal.

One of the D:X Concept’s remarkable features is the innovative see-through hood, enhancing driver visibility in challenging terrains. The addition of a wide, camera-fed screen provides a comprehensive view of the terrain, augmented by overlaid digital information to guide the driver, working in synergy with an AI concierge that offers real-time local information and weather updates.

Mitsubishi D:X Concept Electrified Crossover MPV All Seasons
Similar to the Delica, the D:X presents itself as an impeccable off-road mini-camper, adaptable for every season.

Mitsubishi has embraced a PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) layout with the D:X Concept, leaning towards an environmentally friendly approach without compromising its adventurous spirit. While detailed specifics about the powertrain remain undisclosed, the anticipated four-wheel-drive system, coupled with Mitsubishi’s S-AWC (Super-All Wheel Control), promises a reliable and dynamic driving experience, adaptable to various weather and terrain conditions.

Mitsubishi D:X Concept Electrified Crossover MPV Ribbed Structure
The D:X inherits the distinctive ribbed structural framework utilized in the Mitsubishi Delica D:5.

Incorporating a combination of all-electric and hybrid modes, the D:X Concept provides flexibility and adaptability, allowing customization based on different surfaces and driving conditions. The vehicle’s design also includes a massive roof box, enhancing its functionality and adventure readiness, albeit at the cost of obscuring the panoramic glass roof.

Mitsubishi D:X Concept Electrified Crossover MPV Glass Roof
A glass roof enhances the indoor viewing experience, offering a panoramic perspective of the surrounding scenery.

As the centerpiece of the Japan Mobility Show exhibit, the D:X Concept showcases Mitsubishi’s commitment to nurturing the spirit of adventure. The exhibit also features a range of innovative vehicles, including the remarkable “Last 1 Mile” electric quad, symbolizing Mitsubishi’s continuous strive for adventurous and sustainable mobility solutions.

Mitsubishi Last 1 Mile Quad
Mitsubishi’s adventure-centric Japan Mobility Show exhibit also showcases the “Last 1 Mile” quad.

Source: Mitsubishi