Civilized Cycles’ innovative pedal-assist Semi-Trike cargo hauler

Civilized Cycles Pedal-assist Semi-Trike Cargo Hauler
The Semi-Trike is engineered to transport a substantial load of up to 750 lb, safely accommodated in the rear trailer. Images courtesy Civilized Cycles

Brooklyn-based Civilized Cycles, known for launching the Model 1, a low-step eBike back in 2020, is embarking on a new innovative project. The company has unveiled its intentions to produce a pedal-assist Semi-Trike cargo hauler, aiming to significantly elevate cargo-hauling capacities. While the project is still in its early stages, with only a single render available for public viewing, prototypes of the Semi-Trike are currently under production.

Built with precision and functionality in mind, the Semi-Trike is structured around a 6061 aluminum frame. It features comfort seating complemented by a backrest, adjustable pedals, and handlebars that are meticulously designed to customize the fit for the rider. The design also showcases a fatbike suspension fork that terminates in a robust 20-inch wheel, which is enveloped by a 4-inch-wide fat tire. Additionally, it incorporates two substantial 8-inch wheels at the rear, a hydraulic brake at the front, and a hand-actuated integrated rear disc to optimize control and safety.

Civilized Cycles’ Semi-Trike will be offered in three distinct power configurations to suit various hauling requirements. The Economy variant will be furnished with a 1,200-W axle-mounted motor, a chainless drive, manual two-speed gears, and a UL-certified battery pack and electronics. A Standard version will be available, boasting a dual-motor high-torque configuration, chain drive, a virtual gearbox, and UL-certified US-built batteries. Furthermore, a commercial version will be equipped with a Valeo/Heinzmann hub motor paired with UL-certified US batteries.

The Semi-Trike is engineered for impressive hauling capabilities. All models will come with a 1-ton axle, promising the capacity to haul medium or extra-large trailers. These trailers can carry a payload capacity of up to 750 lb (340 kg), offering a substantial floor height of 20 ft (6.1 m) and a width ranging between 36 inches (91.4 cm) and 48 inches (121.9 cm). Advanced features such as patented auto-self-leveling air suspension and electric drum braking are integrated into the trailers, ensuring stability and safety in cargo transportation. There is also an option for custom compartments and a mention of refrigerated cargo support, although specific details are yet to be disclosed.

As the project unfolds, Civilized Cycles is on the lookout for test partners in Detroit to participate in a pilot scheduled for early next year. The company seeks collaborations with businesses or organizations that operate local goods transportation via cars, vans, or trucks and are inclined towards exploring sustainable and innovative transportation alternatives.

Source: Civilized Cycles