Civilized Cycles Model 1 is a cargo-friendly urban electric bike

Civilized Cycles Model 1
Civilized Cycles 'Model 1' has expandable panniers and handles 50 lbs of cargo. Images © Civilized Cycles

Electric bikes are no doubt enjoying widespread acceptance. Besides offering an easier way to commute in urban centers, riders also enjoy the added satisfaction that they’re contributing towards protecting the environment. A natural consequence of the growing popularity and demand is more innovation in the electric bike space. And Civilized Cycles are arguably among the best we’ve seen so far.

According to the manufacturer, sociability, versatility, durability, and connectivity are the fundamental values behind the design and production of Civilized Cycles. As a result, riders get to enjoy a sturdy bike that’s aesthetically pleasing enough to warrant a second look, leaves room for another passenger, and rides seamlessly on all terrains.

Design and features

At first glance, the most striking feature of Civilized Cycles Model 1 is the enormous panniers on the rear rack. The dual saddlebags are unlike anything you’ve seen on any other bike, and they boast up to 50 lbs of cargo-carrying capacity while leaving enough room for a passenger (or two kids). However, the ample cargo space should not be a reason to tag Civilized Cycles as just another cargo bike.

Safe storage

With Civilized Cycles, you do not have to constantly worry about bike thieves. You can either lock the bike’s frame with the provided lock points or secure it with a PIN on the integrated display. Either way, you are guaranteed virtually fool-proof, safe, and secure storage in any location.

Civilized Cycles Model 1 Panniers
The panniers open and extend to offer up to 80 liters of cargo storage.

Unmatched ride-ability and comfort

Civilized Cycles feature a patented, industry-first suspension system that automatically adjusts at the touch of a button. This, according to the manufacturers, optimizes the safety and comfort of riders on different terrains. Furthermore, the suspension system works seamlessly with or without a passenger.

Excellent speed and range

Civilized Cycles can attain a top speed of 28 mph, and it has a range of 60 miles (with an optional second battery). The front and rear hydraulic brakes ensure you can bring your bike to a halt in a flash, leaving you with very little to worry about while cruising.

Portable power bank

Your e-bike’s battery is one of the most expensive components. So, why not make the most out of it? Civilized Cycles’ battery is equipped with dual USB charging ports that can be used to charge and power your devices on or off the bike. As long as your bike’s battery is charged, you can rest assured that your phone is also covered.

Easy hop on and off

Civilized Cycles’ design is such that riders do not have to lift their leg over the seat to get on or off their bike. This is because of the unique frame and drive chain that keeps the chain ring small and covered. The covered chain further ensures that your scarves and pants are safe from getting tangled or torn in your bike’s frame.

Optimal visibility in all weather conditions

Model 1 features an integrated tail light, brake light, and turn signals, and a headlamp with self-dimming sensors.

The e-bike sports a bright headlamp, as well as brake and taillights that never need recharging. The lamp is smart enough to dim automatically for approaching traffic, and there are turn signals that tell other road users where you are going. These minor details are important to ensure your safety as well as the safety of others on the road.

Pricing info

The 2023 Civilized Model 1 costs $6,950. It’s available in three color options – Bond Silver, Empire Red, and Black. You can order the e-bike from the company website.

Source: Civilized Cycles