MagEasy: Modular magnetic organizing kit keeps your items tidy

MagEasy is a portable, customizable and catch-all organizing kit.

Fridge-magnet systems are incredibly convenient. They allow you to fix grocery lists, family photos, keys, and just about everything else on the refrigerator. What if there was a tool that could similarly help you organize your everyday carry and work essentials? Enter MagEasy, a customizable organizing kit that promises to keep your desk tidy and boost productivity.

Design and features

MagEasy adopts a fully customizable and expandable magnetic modular design that allows users to store everyday items. The kit comes with magnetic modules of varying sizes that facilitate the safe storage of frequently used items such as pens, phones, to-do lists, earphones, and so on. It’s the perfect way to keep your desktop neat and organized while ensuring you have quick access to your stuff.

Organize your things your way

MagEasy’s manufacturers recognize your right to organize your things the way you want. So, rather than pre-fixing the magnetic modules, they give you the freedom to fix them in a way that best suits your needs. The fully customizable nature of the magnetic board ensures that MagEasy can be your companion everywhere and on every occasion.

For example, the items you may need for a typical workday may be different from what you’ll need at a business pitch. Still, MagEasy would efficiently function as your essentials carrying kit for both occasions. It’s also versatile enough to cater to the needs of diverse users, from the artist to the travel lover to the businessman and secretary, all the way down to the designer.

Maximize vertical storage space

Arranging your desk essentials on MagEasy helps declutter your work desk by maximizing vertical storage space. It saves time and boosts productivity because everything you need is neatly arranged in a manner that facilitates easy retrieval. You no longer have to waste vital minutes searching for items that have a habit of hiding when you need them.

Stay organized on the go

The MagEasy kit comes with a foldable Folio that ensures you stay organized even while on the move. The Folio’s novel organizing mechanism can help you say goodbye to the days of fumbling for things in your bag. Your keys, pens, cards, flash drive, wallets, and other essentials are neatly arranged in the Folio for fast access. It also comes with a magnetically stuck passport holder, a priceless addition for travel enthusiasts.

Tablet and phone holder

The MagEasy Board can also be used as a tablet and phone holder, saving you from the stress of holding your devices for long periods. The board rests firmly on its foldable support without sliding around the desk. And its design is such that it holds documents, notes, phones, or tablets at an optimal sixty degrees viewing angle.

Pricing info

MagEasy is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The campaign has been backed by more than 3000 people, generating over $300,000. You can visit the official Indiegogo campaign page to check out the available pledges and rewards. The company hopes to ship campaign perks to backers by August 2020.