The Electrom LEV: Emission-free e-bike for your daily commute

The Electrom LEV is a zero-emission daily commuting option that aims to replace your car.

The makers of the Electrom LEV e-bike claim to have created a bike with as many comforts of an automobile as possible – without losing its bicycle status. It has the ability to carry 100 liters of cargo, or a passenger, some weather protection, and is small enough to ride down the bike lane. Let’s take a closer look.

Easy to use

The Electrom’s manufacturer claims that it was designed to be easy to use in every possible way. Its stand-over height is 17 inches with a swing-away front fairing, an easy-to-deploy center stand, and understeer handlebars. These features are designed to help make getting on and off the bike easier. The bike’s controls do not contain gears to shift, with controls consisting of only turn signals, brakes, and the throttle. Other features found on the Electrom LEV include mirrors and lights.

Still a bike

Although the Electrom LEV has many car-like features, it is still legally considered a bike. This means that riders can split lanes and use bike lanes. Because the bike’s profile is so narrow – less than 26 inches, it is easy to maneuver through traffic.

As an e-bike, the Electrom LEV uses an electric hub motor that allows riders to travel as fast as 40 mph. Using the 2,880Wh battery and traveling at 20 mph, it has a range of about 124 miles. An optional second battery doubles that range.

Child on board – Electrom LEV

Generator and Chain Drive System (GCD)

The Generator and Chain Drive System (GCD) acts like an automatic transmission for the Electrom LEV. Riders can choose their level of effort and are able to maintain the energy of the bike without the need to shift gears. This feature also allows riders to use it as either an exercise bike or a means of transportation with less required effort.

Safety and maintenance

The Electrom is safer in traffic than most recumbent bikes. The higher rider position puts the rider at eye level with other road users. The vehicle’s size also makes it much easier for drivers to see. In addition to the Electrom’s natural visibility, the bike features bright LED running lights, headlights, and front and rear turn signals.

While the design of Electrom is unique, the manufacturer claims that it uses as many off-the-shelf parts as possible. This will ensure that spare parts are available in the future. This also helps to keep manufacturing and repair costs down.

How to buy

Fabrizio Cross, creator of the eye-catching Electrom LEV.

The manufacturer’s production strategy is to build Electrom LEVs to suit customer expectations by leveraging their proprietary vehicle platform, either as a kit for self-assembly, or complete assembly (Canada only). They offer a range of configurations to suit your needs: 1 or 2 batteries, or frame, faring and steering assembly for the hobby enthusiast. Pricing information is available on request for serious buyers. The expected price of a complete Electrom kit will be around $US10,000. They also plan to make an experimenters kit, which will consist of a frame, fork and steering assembly for $3000.

Source: Electrom LEV