Arosno E-Trace: World’s first e-snowbike

Arosno E-Trace e-snowbike
Arosno E-Trace takes electric-assist cycling to the snow.

When you think of recreation in the snow, what comes to mind? You’ll likely think of skis and snowboards, as well as snowmobiles perhaps. If that’s all, then you haven’t seen or heard of the Arosno E-Trace, an all-new concept that is bringing fun and mobility to the snow like never before.

What is the E-Trace?

The E-Trace is a unique never-before-seen mode of snow-friendly transport. When you look closely at its features and understand how it works, it’s clear that it’s a new kind of e-bike that works by user pedal action. The pedal action powers a track at the rear of the vehicle, which offers superb traction as you traverse the wintry landscape. At the front of the vehicle, you’ll find a pair of ski-like feet that balance the E-Trace in a tripod-like structure.

The user is positioned in a comfortable and supportive adjustable seat, partially reclined, with each hand placed on a control lever to the left and right of the E-Trace. Using these levers, the rider can maneuver and slow the E-Trace for maximum control and comfort. Inside the vehicle is a 48-volt battery offering electric assistance to make every journey that much more fun (see below for more).

No experience required

Unlike skis, snowboards and snowmobiles, the Arosno E-Trace requires no prior experience or training to operate. Users will find the controls responsive and intuitive, while they power the machine in exactly the same way that they would do with an e-bike. A smooth and seamless Enviolo continuously variable automatic gearbox handles the gear shifting, meaning all you need to do is pedal and manage the controls. It couldn’t be simpler. If you’ve ridden an e-bike before, you’ll feel as though you’ve ridden the E-Trace before.

Electric Assistance

To be clear, E-Trace is not like an electric scooter, but rather an e-bike that offers electric assistance to riders up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph) and a battery life of up to 45 km (28 miles). Just like on an e-bike, the electric assistance makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable ride, especially when working on uphill slopes. When you want a relaxing time enjoying snowy vistas as you cut stably and securely through the snow drifts, then the E-Trace is the perfect ally.

Quiet, stable and eco-friendly

Despite the rear track looking somewhat like a tank track, the bulk is really just there for stability and traction. The mechanism itself is actually very quiet and gentle. After all, it wouldn’t be a nice thing to hear tank sounds rumbling through the valleys as groups of E-Trace riders came through each day. The width of the track coupled with the balancing effect of the front skis ensures total stability, which is a comforting thing when you’re traversing snow and mountainous valleys. Any place intended for hikers and snowshoe wearers is made massively more fun with E-Trace.

E-Trace is a disruptor

This innovative new take on a winter e-bike can be used by anyone of 145cm in height or more, and can climb slopes of gradients up to 30 percent. It’s a technology that’s ready to disrupt the world of cycling by offering an entirely new and unique winter cycling experience. You can pre-order the Arosno E-Trace for 7,990 Euros (about US$9,000) via the company website, with delivery expected in December 2022.