Arrowmax SGS PRO: Smart mini electric engraving & polishing pen

Arrowmax SGS Pro Electric Engraving Polishing Pen
SGS PRO is a small, wireless rotary tool that lets you carve, engrave, grind, sand, and polish.

A Smart Engraving & Polishing Pen

Engraving and polishing are words well-known to everyone interested in craftwork. From jewelry to sculpture and from hobbyist to professional, having tools that get the job done and don’t have to be replaced every year is vital.

Now, creators have a new product to look out for: Arromax’s SGS PRO—a smart, electric engraving, and polishing pen.

This tool is an engraving and polishing pen that allows all craftworkers to engrave, polish, carve, grind, and more. According to the brand, the engraving pen’s mission is to help creators refresh existing items to give them a new look, customize products to offer customers expanded options, and broaden opportunities for engraving and polishing across various materials.

The SGS PRO works on crystals, minerals, ceramics, glass, gold, aluminum, steel, wood, stone, and plastic. The tool is wireless and compact, offering stabilized control for every product use. Having enhanced control is critical when aiming to let your creative freedom flow. This product promises to flow freely right along with you.

The Tech Specs

What makes the Arrowmax SGS PRO different? Let’s break down a few features to see how it stands apart from other engraving and polishing products.

  • Smart Motion Control: Allows users to adjust speed, power, and direction through the Smart Motion Control system to suit the material they’re working with without any pause; especially designing on a new material.
  • Intuitive App Control: The polishing pen connects to an app via Bluetooth, where creators can adjust how they’re using it and save the data to 4 customized modes. This feature provides consistency and precision so that designers don’t have to find their needed speed or direction when using the engraving pen on the same materials every time they switch the pen on.
  • Easy-to-read Indicator Bar: A thin LED screen found on the body of the Arroxmax SGS displays essential information like speed, direction, and battery life.
  • Smart Memory Function: When you stop work for the day and pick it up on the next, the polishing pen’s smart memory function remembers the most recent settings so you can pick up where you left off.
  • Wireless & Handheld: The wireless body of the engraving tool is shaped like a standard writing pen to fit into any hobbyist’s hands easily. It doesn’t have a bulky shape and can work well in homes, offices, or workshops.
  • Long Battery Life: The polishing pen comes with a 500mAh LiPo battery, which gives it up to two hours of continuous use when fully charged. The pen can plug in to charge while inside its alloy box or out. Additionally, Arrowmax SGS PRO comes with a “PLUS” option which offers magnetic charging stands.
  • Portable Kit: Each SGS PRO engraving pen comes with a protective case and a kit containing 30 engraving bits and 12 polishing bits. Additionally, every 2.35mm bit from any brand should fit the tool.
  • Two Sizes: Along with the standard Arroxmax SGS PRO comes its mini counterpart. It costs less and is, of course, smaller in size. The mini polishing pen comes with 24 engraving bits and 12 polishing bits in its smaller portable carrying case.

Where to find Arrowmax SGS PRO

The compact polishing pen is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. According to the different packages on the SGS campaign page, those who choose to back the project will obtain their tool by May 2022.


Arrowmax SGS PRO’s Kickstarter has several pricing tiers available to those interested. Each level offers backers a different set of products.

  • $100: Pledge with no reward.
  • $459+: SGS Mini
  • $600+: SGS PRO
  • $769+: SGS Mini PLUS
  • $1003+: SGS PRO PLUS
  • $1316+: PRO PLUS + SGS Mini
  • $1862+: PRO PLUS x2

According to the campaign, if you choose to back the product, it can be shipped anywhere in the world. Listed shipping costs range from $14-$50. To take a deeper look into the product, visit the SGS PRO’s Kickstarter campaign.