One-click valve aims to simplify bike tire inflation

Schwalbe Clik Valve Bicycle Tire Inflation
The Schwalbe Clik Valve, with an easy one-click mechanism, will be available in bike shops by Q3 2024. Images courtesy Schwalbe

The German manufacturer Schwalbe has introduced a new bicycle tire valve system called Clik Valve, which promises to simplify and improve the process of inflating bike tires. Unveiled at Eurobike 2024, Clik Valve was developed in collaboration with entrepreneur John Quintana. The new system aims to address common issues associated with traditional tire pumps and valves by providing a more user-friendly and efficient alternative.

Current valve systems and their drawbacks

Traditional bicycle tire valves, such as Presta, Schraeder, and Dunlop, often pose challenges during use. The pump head must be pushed down onto the valve stem and then secured by flipping a locking lever. This process can sometimes make it difficult to determine if the head is properly attached to the valve. Additionally, releasing the head can be cumbersome and painful, as the lever may snap back and hurt the user’s fingers. Furthermore, a significant amount of force is often required to detach the head from the valve.

The Clik Valve solution

The Clik Valve system is designed to overcome these challenges. It features a unique pump head that connects to a corresponding valve with minimal downward force, producing an audible “click” to indicate a secure connection via a ball-bearing mechanism. Releasing the head is equally simple, requiring only a gentle pull to produce another click. This design ensures a hassle-free experience, eliminating the guesswork and physical strain associated with traditional valves.

Compatibility and adaptability

Clik Valve is versatile and can be easily retrofitted to existing bicycle equipment. For Presta and Dunlop valve stems, users can remove the valve core by hand and replace it with a Clik core. Schraeder stems require an adapter that is screwed into place but can still be removed when inflating tires at gas stations or other locations.

Schwalbe Clik Valve Retrofit
The Clik Valve is compatible with Presta, Dunlop, and Schraeder valve stems and can be easily retrofitted to existing pumps.

Existing pump heads can also be adapted to work with Clik Valve. Users can replace their current pump head with a complete Clik head or simply add an adapter. While traditional Presta and Dunlop heads can still be used with Clik valves, users will not experience the distinct clicking sound that indicates a secure connection.

Enhanced performance

Schwalbe claims that the Clik Valve system can boost air flow by up to 50% when used in place of regular Presta valves on tubeless tires. This improvement means that achieving a desired tire pressure requires half the effort compared to traditional valves. Additionally, no air is lost when the pump head is disconnected from the valve, ensuring that the tire remains properly inflated.

Schwalbe Clik Valve Stem
Clik Valve-specific valve stem.

Availability and pricing

The Clik Valve system is expected to be available in bike shops by the third quarter of this year. Interested buyers can also register for updates via the Clik Valve website. Several packages are available to suit different needs and budgets:

  • A set of Schraeder adapters is priced at US$12.99.
  • A comprehensive kit, including two tubeless Clik valves and a Clik pump head, costs $44.99.

These options provide flexibility for cyclists looking to upgrade their tire inflation system without investing in entirely new equipment.

In summary, the Clik Valve system by Schwalbe offers a user-friendly, efficient, and adaptable solution for bicycle tire inflation. With its innovative design and enhanced performance, Clik Valve is poised to become a popular choice among cyclists seeking a more convenient and effective way to maintain their tires.

Source: Schwalbe