Cargo ebike enhances stability with auto-deploying landing gear

Tarran T1 Pro Cargo eBike
Stabilizing wheels under the cargo box automatically deploy during braking for low-speed stability. Images courtesy Tarran Bikes

Cargo ebikes are increasingly becoming a practical alternative to cars for daily errands such as grocery shopping and school runs. However, a common challenge with these bikes is maintaining stability at low speeds, leading to potential wobbles or tipping. Startup Tarran aims to address this issue with their new T1 Pro cargo ebike, which features an innovative auto-deploying landing gear system for enhanced stability.

Launch and features

The T1 Pro was introduced at Eurobike 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany. This front-loading cargo ebike boasts a unique feature called Dynamic Dualdrive landing gear, located below its recyclable expanded polypropylene (EPP) cargo bucket. Each landing gear mechanism is equipped with its own motor and suspension system. These deploy automatically to prevent tipping during low-speed braking and adapt to uneven surfaces. Additionally, the system can be manually activated, providing extra stability when the bike is fully loaded or being pushed. It also doubles as a kickstand for convenience when parked.

Construction and power

The T1 Pro is built around a monocoque aluminum frame and features a suspension fork along with a shock absorber between the cargo bucket and rear wheel to ensure a smooth ride over bumpy terrain. For additional storage or passenger seating, it includes a MIK-compatible rear rack.

The ebike is powered by a proprietary 100-Nm (73.7 lb-ft) mid-drive motor, which incorporates speed sensors and pairs with a low-maintenance Gates Carbon CDX belt drive and an Enviolo heavy-duty shifting hub. While the top pedal-assist speed is not specified, it is likely to be around 25 km/h (15.5 mph), aligning with European regulations for ebikes.

Tarran T1 Pro Cargo eBike Front Loading
The T1 Pro cargo box can carry up to 200 kg and fits three Euroboxes, offering versatile storage solutions.

Battery and range

The T1 Pro features a 1.5-kWh battery pack composed of two units hidden under the cargo box to deter theft. This battery configuration provides the ebike with an impressive per-charge range of approximately 200 km (125 miles) at the lowest assist level.

Technology and connectivity

A 5.2-inch color display acts as the control hub for the T1 Pro, functioning in tandem with a companion app and handlebar buttons. This display runs on the company’s proprietary operating system, powered by a quad-core processor, and includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It presents key trip data, navigation, and live feeds from 1080p cameras placed at the front (wide-angle), head-tube section, and rear of the bike.

Tarran T1 Pro Cargo eBike Display
The T1 Pro’s 5.2-inch display shows trip data, navigation, and 1080p camera feeds, all powered by a quad-core processor.

For safety, the ebike is equipped with a millimeter radar at the back to monitor approaching vehicles, alerting the rider through handlebar vibrations and live video feeds. The display also supports audio playback via the bike’s onboard Bluetooth speakers. The T1 Pro cargo ebike offers Qi 2.0 wireless charging for mobile devices and includes two USB ports. In addition, a Sentry mode sends alerts and records live footage if the bike detects movement while parked, with GPS tracking for added security.

Tarran T1 Pro Cargo Box Lid
The T1 Pro features a waterproof e-Lock cargo box lid, ensuring secure and dry storage for all your cargo needs.

Cargo capacity and visibility

The front cargo box of the T1 Pro can carry up to 200 kg (441 lb) and fits up to three Euroboxes. It can be customized with a rain cover, lockable top, and safety seating for children. For visibility, the ebike features a strip light at the front with turn signaling, two dual-beam headlights, and a braking tail light. It rides on 20-inch wheels and utilizes hydraulic disc brakes with 180-mm rotors for reliable stopping power.

Tarran T1 Pro Cargo eBike Rear Rack
The T1 Pro includes a rear MIK rack designed to accommodate a taller kid seat and additional cargo for versatile family transportation.

Market introduction

Tarran plans to release the T1 Pro in Q4, with pricing details to be announced closer to the release date. Given the advanced features and robust capabilities, the T1 Pro is expected to be a premium product from Tarran, a new e-mobility company operating out of Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Düsseldorf.

Tarran T1 Pro Cargo eBike Child Seat
The T1 Pro’s child seat features a five-point safety harness.

For those attending Eurobike, more information about the T1 Pro cargo ebike can be obtained from Tarran’s representatives at Hall 8.0 or outside at F11. The T1 Pro promises to set a new standard for cargo ebikes with its blend of innovation, practicality, and cutting-edge technology.

Source: Tarran