AirCard combines Find My tracking with a digital business card

AirCard Find My Wallet Credit-Card-Sized
With a sleek profile of just 2.2mm, the size of a credit card, AirCard fits seamlessly in your wallet without adding extra bulk. Images © AirCard/Kickstarter

Rolling Square, a prominent tech accessory firm, is wrapping up a triumphant Kickstarter campaign for the AirCard, a pioneering, Find My-enabled digital business card. As the campaign concludes, it has successfully raised over $800,000. This revolutionary product brings the function of a digital business card together with the Find My technology, promising a new level of convenience and security for users.

AirCard, which is approximately the same size as a credit card and just 2.2mm thick (about 1.6 times the thickness of an average credit card), is designed to be comfortably carried in a wallet. It effortlessly fits in your wallet without adding significant bulk, thanks to its sleek and thin design.

Aside from its key function as a digital business card, AirCard comes packed with an array of Find My features. It offers the convenience of location tracking and left-behind reminders, ensuring you keep track of your wallet at all times. Furthermore, AirCard has a 105dB speaker, making it easier to locate your wallet within a close range. However, it’s worth mentioning that AirCard doesn’t support the Precision Finding feature, a feature specific to Apple’s AirTags.

Another striking feature of AirCard is its advanced lost mode, which comes into play when the Find My network fails. This mode presents a QR code on the AirCard, allowing anyone who finds the wallet to scan the code and access the owner’s contact information, thereby facilitating the return of the wallet.

AirCard Find My Wallet QR Code Scan
Scan the QR code on the AirCard to access essential contact information – a reliable tool in ensuring lost wallets find their way back.

A CNC-machined aluminum body with a panel of high-resistance tempered glass forms the main structure of the card. This construction not only provides durability but also ensures optimal Bluetooth signal transmission. Plus, the AirCard can double as an RFID blocker when placed on the outermost side of the wallet, helping to protect other cards from being skimmed.

When it comes to battery life, Rolling Square guarantees that the AirCard will last up to 30 months. While the card’s battery can’t be recharged, the company offers a unique solution – a 50% discount code for a new card once the battery in your card dies. Users then have the option to return the spent AirCard for component reuse or retain it to continue utilizing its digital business card and QR-code scan-to-find capabilities that don’t require battery power.

AirCard Find My Wallet Location Tracking
AirCard effortlessly integrates with Apple’s Find My network, offering seamless location tracking and left-behind reminders for your wallet.

AirCard also boasts NFC capability and a QR code that operates as a digital ID. By simply tapping it against a phone, your contact details are instantly transferred via the company’s bespoke platform. This versatile device also ensures that when lost, anyone scanning the QR code can access your details and any message you’ve left.

While the Kickstarter campaign is live, early bird pricing for a single AirCard starts at €27 or around $30 plus shipping, with a range of multipacks available at decreasing per-unit prices. Following the campaign, the AirCard is expected to be priced at around $42 (39€) when it becomes available on in the third quarter of this year.

While it’s worth noting that crowdfunded campaigns can carry some risks, Rolling Square’s track record of running over a dozen successful campaigns via Kickstarter and Indiegogo offers some reassurance. Shipments of the AirCard are expected to commence in August this year, marking the debut of an exciting new addition to the realm of digital business cards and tracking technology.

AirCard Find My Wallet Digital Business Card
AirCard is presently on Kickstarter.

Source: Kickstarter