The Ecocapsule NextGen: A peek into the upgraded egg-shaped tiny house

Ecocapsule NextGen Off-grid Tiny House
Ecocapsule NextGen: Combining enhanced solar panels with a wind turbine and battery system for seamless off-the-grid living. Images © Ecocapsule

Ecocapsule, a company renowned for delivering its pioneering egg-shaped off-grid tiny house, is now gearing up to introduce its next model – the Ecocapsule NextGen. As the name suggests, the NextGen is designed to offer improvements and modifications over the original version, without compromising the distinctive egg-like shape that has become its trademark.

The first noticeable change in the NextGen model is its size. It is expected to be 5.2 m (17 ft) in length, an increase from the original model’s 4.67 m (15 ft). Although this expansion makes it considerably larger than its predecessor, it’s worth noting that it remains quite compact, even in comparison to most other tiny houses on the market.

Ecocapsule has also decided to part ways with the gull-wing door design, replacing it with a more conventional double glass door. This new design not only makes the Ecocapsule more welcoming by integrating the outside environment but also simplifies the manufacturing process. While the dwelling will still not come with built-in wheels, its transport remains feasible through means such as trucks, trailers, and containers.

A peek inside reveals a redesigned interior that maximizes the available space. The rearranged setup provides added storage and an additional window. In terms of functionality, the living area is equipped with a sofa that can be transformed into a double bed, accompanied by a retractable table. The compact kitchen area and bathroom are situated close by, ensuring efficient use of space.

Ecocapsule NextGen Off-grid Tiny House Interior
The Ecocapsule NextGen boasts a revamped interior, featuring enhanced furnishings and expanded storage options.

Another significant update concerns the manufacturing process. Efforts have been made to simplify and expedite the assembly of the Ecocapsule. As a result of these improvements, Ecocapsule projects a substantial increase in production capability – from two units to eight units every month. Energy enthusiasts will be pleased to note the plan for a more substantial solar panel array, which will complement the wind turbine and battery system, ensuring enhanced off-the-grid capabilities.

Ecocapsule NextGen Off-grid Tiny House Double Doors
Ecocapsule NextGen: Double glass doors for a wider, inviting entry and seamless connection to the outdoors.

The inception of these enhancements has been largely driven by customer feedback from the original Ecocapsule model, which was entirely sold out. Tomáš Žáček, the co-founder of Ecocapsule and an architect, shared the company’s enthusiasm, “We are excited that Ecocapsule has attracted many customers, and, thanks to their feedback, we have the opportunity to work on an improved generation and stay ahead of the competition.” He highlighted the installation of a large panoramic window as a pivotal change, bringing occupants even closer to the surrounding nature.

Ecocapsule NextGen Off-grid Tiny House Size
The Ecocapsule NextGen has been extended to 5.2m in length, providing added space while still retaining its compact allure.

Prospective customers can anticipate the production of the Ecocapsule NextGen to commence in mid-2024. As of now, details regarding its pricing and delivery schedule remain undisclosed. Those interested should keep an eye out for further announcements from the company in the near future.

Ecocapsule NextGen Off-grid Tiny House Production Timeline
Production for the Ecocapsule NextGen is set to commence in mid-2024.

Source: Ecocapsule