Fulpra cargo bikes: Merging van capacity with bicycle ease in urban centers

Fulpra Cargo Bikes
Fulpra Cargo Bikes blend the capacity of a van with the simplicity of a bicycle. Images © Fulpra

In a world progressively leaning towards sustainable solutions, Fulpra emerges as an exemplary option for environmentally conscious and efficient urban mobility. Originating in the Netherlands, a nation known for its robust cycling culture and avant-garde technology, Fulpra combines the robust features of cargo carriers with the convenient and smooth ride of a bicycle. This innovation presents an optimal solution for the increasing demand for practical, eco-friendly urban transport options.

Enhanced Vehicle Specifications

Every Fulpra model boasts precise and effective vehicle geometry and specifications. The vehicles are 1 meter wide, with varying heights and a length of 3.25 meters. Despite their considerable cargo capacity, the empty weight of the vehicles is only 250 kg, ensuring ease of maneuverability and enhanced energy efficiency.

Performance and Handling

Fulpra’s electric pedal-assistance driveline ensures top-notch performance, with a maximum torque of over 130 Nm and a top speed of 25 km/h. The unique tilted steering system guarantees optimal road holding, making every curve, bridge, or slope a seamless and smooth experience. The vehicles are equipped with 51V Li-ion batteries, available in 1900 Wh or 2200 Wh options, providing a range of up to 100 km with two batteries, guaranteeing uninterrupted, extensive travel.

Convenient and Efficient Delivery

Fulpra prioritizes efficient delivery. With a cargo space of up to 3m³, Fulpra bikes can easily transport roll containers, euro pallets, crates, and stretchers. The innovative design, featuring five doors for all-around access, further streamlines the loading and unloading process, ensuring speedy and secure deliveries.

Fulpra Cargo Bikes Fast Loading Unloading
Experience swift loading and unloading with two portable ramps and enjoy 360-degree cargo access through five surrounding doors on Fulpra Cargo Bikes.

Flexible and Fast

The Fulpra bikes’ unique tilting system and automatic shifting pedal assistance enable effortless maneuvering through the city, even with a 350 kg load. This feature allows for smooth and rapid travel without the hindrance of traffic jams, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries. With a width of just 1 meter, Fulpra cargo bikes can access all areas that are accessible to traditional bicycles.

Fulpra Cargo Bikes Tilting System
The unique tilting system in combination with the automatic shifting pedal assistance makes every curve, bridge or slope a piece of cake.

Safety and Maintenance

Safety and reliability are paramount in Fulpra’s design. Features like the dry and wet weather braking systems, a trouble-free electrical circuit, a heavy-weight tested frame construction, and stability in bends ensure the safety of not only the rider but also fellow road users. Connected to the cloud, Fulpra provides real-time access to all vehicle maintenance, functionality, and location data, guaranteeing maximum uptime and service.

Extended Battery Life

Fulpra’s collaboration with Cleantron offers robust, tested batteries with a range of 30 to 40 km per battery. The “hot swap” batteries are easily exchangeable, ensuring no delays in delivery schedules. The bikes can be equipped with an extra battery box, doubling the range to up to 80 km per ride.

Fulpra Cargo Bikes Doorstep Delivery
With the Fulpra, swiftly navigate through town and halt right at the doorstep. The tricycle design ensures the bike stands independently, with a parking brake for added security.

Ergonomic Design

Designed for riders between 163 cm and 198 cm, Fulpra guarantees an active, relaxed riding position, ensuring comfort and efficiency in city riding. The ideal working position for removing packages or crates ensures every part of the loading area is directly accessible at arm’s length.

In-House Production

All Fulpra cargo bikes are developed and produced in their location in Nieuwegein, ensuring constant availability of all spare parts for service and maintenance and adherence to the highest quality standards.

Fulpra Cargo Bikes-In-House Production
Fulpra says that all their caro bikes are developed and produced in Nieuwegein, Netherlands, ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards and constant availability of spare parts.

Pricing Information

Fulpra provides various models tailored for different business needs, each combining utility and robust features:

Fulpra Roll 3000L is available for €499 per month or a one-time payment of €16,990.

Fulpra Roll 2000L can be obtained for €459 per month or €15,990 as a one-time payment.

Fulpra Pick-Up, the most affordable model, is available at €399 per month or a one-time payment of €14,990.

Source: Fulpra