P1 E-Scooter: Infinite Machine’s vision of futuristic urban electromobility

Infinite Machine Modular Monochassis P1 Scooter
Embodying a cyberpunk aesthetic, the P1 e-scooter showcases innovative modular features, redefining the future of urban commuting. Images courtesy Infinite Machine

In the fast-evolving landscape of electromobility, Brooklyn-based startup Infinite Machine has carved a distinguished niche with their latest innovation. The company has recently unveiled the P1, a modular monochassis electric scooter that embraces a futuristic aesthetic reminiscent of Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Crafted meticulously by the Cohen brothers, Joseph and Eddie, the P1 E-Scooter is not just another addition to the urban commuting options, but rather a novel statement in the ‘non-car’ category of vehicles that aims to provide an efficient solution to the notorious traffic congestion of bustling urban terrains like New York City.

What immediately grabs attention is the P1’s stark, angular design—a deliberate nod to the popular cyberpunk trend. The scooter’s construction, a blend of aluminum and steel, conceals a modular system underneath its robust exterior.

The underbelly of the scooter is equipped with mounting tracks, a thoughtful inclusion that allows riders to attach a variety of accessories, from panniers and extra batteries to heavy-duty speakers. This customization not only enhances the functionality of the scooter but also brings a touch of personalization to its rather industrial appearance.

Infinite Machine Modular P1 Scooter Pre-Order
Reservations are now open for Infinite Machine’s P1 e-scooter.

Digging deeper into its architecture, the P1 E-Scooter boasts a unique feature set that underlines performance and convenience. Powered by a 6-kW electric hub motor that can spike up to a peak output of 12 kW, the scooter employs a 72-volt, 4.3-kWh battery system. This impressive setup propels the P1 to a top speed of 55 mph, and on a single charge, it promises a range of up to 60 miles. Moreover, the design of the battery pack facilitates easy removal and installation, allowing for enhanced security and convenient charging.

Infinite Machine Modular P1 Scooter Removable Battery
Easily recharge and transport the P1 e-scooter’s removable battery, designed with a built-in handle for user-friendly lifting and convenience.

The P1 doesn’t fall short on technology integration, either. A central touchscreen interface is strategically positioned between the handle grips, offering riders an intuitive platform for navigation and control. Noteworthy is the introduction of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, a pioneering feature in the scooter’s class, adding a layer of connectivity and convenience for the modern rider.

Infinite Machine P1 Scooter Modular Rack
Infinite Machine’s modular rack will be compatible with brand accessories, and plans are underway to open the ecosystem for user and third-party created accessories.

Infinite Machine has priced the P1 E-Scooter at US$10,000, requiring a deposit of $1,000 for preorders. The company has initiated the reservation process for the first production lot, planning to roll out a thousand units. Manufactured in China, the delivery of the scooters is expected to span over a period of 12 to 18 months from the order date. Infinite Machine is in the process of further developing compatible modules, slated to be released in the forthcoming months, which will undoubtedly enhance the P1’s functionality and appeal.

Infinite Machine P1 Scooter Storage Compartment
Flip the seat to access the storage compartment below.
Infinite Machine P1 Scooter Modular Rack Panniers
The P1’s modular rack is designed for easy loading of panniers to carry more on your trip.
Infinite Machine P1 Scooter Modular Compact
The P1 is designed for effortless maneuvering and parking, easily fitting between cars to simplify your urban commuting experience.

Source: Infinite Machine