Raleigh Stride 3: The cargo e-trike challenging the family car paradigm

Raleigh Stride 3 Cargo e-Trike
The Stride 3's front cargo box offers generous space—perfect for grocery shopping or seating up to four young kids. Images © Raleigh

In a move that aims to make urban commuting more sustainable, Raleigh, the iconic British cycling brand, has launched the Stride 3 cargo e-trike. Pitched as an “elegant, eco-friendly alternative” to traditional family cars, the Stride 3 is designed to make daily tasks like shopping trips and school runs more environmentally friendly while offering substantial cargo capacity.

Versatility and Cargo Capacity

The Stride 3 enters a growing market of cargo e-trikes, alongside models such as the Indimob e-trike and Ouca Space, that aim to encourage families to leave their cars at home for short commutes. What sets the Stride 3 apart is its generous cargo space. The trike is built around a sturdy steel frame, which houses an aluminum and EPP foam box in front of the rider. This box measures 107 x 87 x 52 cm (42 x 34 x 20.5 inches) and can hold up to 100 kg (220.5 lbs). For families, the box can be fitted with two individual seats for children, plus a bench seat that accommodates two more youngsters. Safety straps are included to ensure that the kids are securely seated. A rain cover with roll-up sides is also available as an optional add-on.

If more cargo space is needed, Raleigh has included a MIK-compatible rear rack that can carry an additional 25 kg (55 lbs).

Power and Performance

Anticipating that a full cargo load could make the bike challenging to maneuver, Raleigh has equipped the Stride 3 with a Bosch Performance CX Cargo BES3 mid-drive motor specifically designed for heavier loads. The motor offers 85 Nm (62.7 lb-ft) of torque and a pedal-assist feature that works up to speeds of 15.5 mph (25 km/h). The bike also incorporates an Enviolo Cargo stepless shifting hub for a more flexible riding experience. For battery power, the trike comes with a 525-Wh Bosch PowerPack that provides up to 40 miles (64 km) of riding on a single charge.

Raleigh Stride 3 Cargo e-Trike Capacity
The front cargo box, made of aluminum and foam, can carry a hefty 100 kg, while an additional rear rack adds 25 kg of hauling capacity.

Safety and Comfort

Raleigh didn’t skimp on safety features. The Stride 3 comes with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 160-mm rotors both in the front and the back. The e-trike rides on two 20-inch double-wall rims at the front and a 26-inch wheel at the back, all fitted with Schwalbe Pick Up tires. Further enhancing safety are an ART Axa solid ring lock for when the bike is parked and full fenders to minimize splashback. For increased visibility, Raleigh added a Hermanna LED light upfront and an Axa Blueline rear light.

The aluminum handlebar equipped with comfort grips offers an upright riding posture and can be adjusted to the rider’s preference.

Raleigh Stride 3 Cargo e-Trike Bosch Motor Enviolo Hub
Equipped with a Bosch Performance CX Cargo BES3 mid-drive motor and an Enviolo Cargo stepless shifting hub, the Stride 3 delivers 85 Nm of torque and flexible ride options for effortless hauling.


The Stride 3 cargo e-trike is available for purchase at a price of £4,695, which converts to approximately US$5,815.

In summary, the Raleigh Stride 3 cargo e-trike aims to be more than just a niche alternative. With its cargo capacity, powerful motor, and thoughtful safety features, it is positioning itself as a viable eco-friendly substitute for the family car on shorter commutes.

Raleigh Stride 3 Cargo e-Trike Front Tub Customization
You can customize the front tub with two separate seats and an additional bench, all equipped with safety straps, to securely seat young passengers.

Source: Raleigh