Indimob e-trike: A novel twist on the e-assist cycling experience

Indimob Pedal Electric Trike Coupé Two Seater
The two-seater variant of the Indimob, configured in its stylish Coupé form. Images © Indimob

A plethora of electric-assist quadcycles have been recently introduced to the market, including the VM45, Quadvelo, and Velocity models. However, in a refreshing break from the trend, the Indimob e-trike offers a different kind of electric-assist experience for those who prefer less conventional designs.

The Indimob e-trike hails from a Milan-based company, also named Indimob. The trike differentiates itself with its aluminum delta trike frame, which houses the single wheel at the front. For those who appreciate aesthetics as much as functionality, Indimob also offers the option of having a carbon fiber monocoque body partially covering the aluminum frame.

The e-trike comes equipped with a 5-speed gearbox that works in concert with a 250-watt Bosch CX motor, delivering an impressive 85 Nm (63 lb ft) of torque. This motor enhances the rider’s pedaling power to an assisted top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph).

One of the Indimob’s notable features is its variable battery range, which is reported to span from 40 km/25 miles under heavy payload and high motor assist conditions with a single 625-watt battery. With a lighter load and less motor assistance (and two batteries), the range can extend up to a respectable 140 km/87 miles.

Indimob eTrike Naked Two-Seat Version
The dual-seat variant of the Indimob, presented in its minimalist Naked configuration.

For a comfortable ride, the Indimob e-trike rolls on one 20-inch front wheel and two 26-inch wheels in the rear. All wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, and the ride is smoothed out by a suspension fork and two shocks positioned beneath the seat. For enhanced safety, the e-trike comes with LED head and tail lights.

Potential buyers have the option to choose from five different models of the Indimob e-trike. These include the Naked model in one- and two-seat configurations, the Coupé model with its optional carbon body in one or two seats, and the Indicargo model, featuring a single-seat cargo-platform.

Indimob eTrike Aluminum Cargo Rack
Indimob’s optional aluminum cargo rack offers convenient storage, enhancing the e-trike’s functionality for versatile use.

In terms of weight, the base Naked model is a manageable 65 kg (143 lb), going up to 85 kg (187 lb) for the two-seater Coupé. The pricing for the Indimob e-trike ranges from €6,172 (about US$6,787) for the base model and can go up to €10,246 ($11,267) for the top model before adding any additional accessories. Thus, the Indimob e-trike makes a compelling case for an unconventional, yet exciting cycling experience.

Indimob eTrike Weight
The base Naked model of the Indimob e-trike claims a weight of 65 kg, while the two-seater Coupé version scales up to 85 kg.

Source: Indimob