Exploring the charm of the Carice TC2: A nostalgic electric convertible

Carice TC2 Retro Electric Convertible
Where classic charm meets electric innovation: the Carice TC2, a retro-styled convertible for the modern road.

In the realm of electric vehicles (EVs), the emergence of the Carice TC2 stands out as a blend of retro charm and modern technology. This two-seater convertible, a creation of the Dutch EV manufacturer Carice, distinguishes itself by tapping into a sense of nostalgia, a stark contrast to the typical high-tech aesthetic prevalent in the EV market.

The Carice TC2’s design echoes a bygone era, reminiscent of classic cars such as the Porsche 356 and the Nissan Figaro. Founded in 2011 as a spinoff from the Delft University of Technology, Carice has a history of producing electric cars on a made-to-order basis in small quantities, showcasing a dedication to detail and craftsmanship.

In terms of dimensions, the TC2 measures 3,500 mm in length, 1,580 mm in width, and 1,220 mm in height, providing a compact yet comfortable footprint. The vehicle’s weight, starting at just 590 kg, is remarkably light, thanks to its body panels crafted from a proprietary composite material. This lightweight design contributes significantly to the car’s agility and performance.

The TC2 offers a choice between standard and long-range battery packs, promising ranges of 200 km and 300 km per charge, respectively. A notable feature is its efficient charging capability, where a 2.7-hour charge through its Type 2 port can replenish 80% of a fully depleted battery.

Carice TC2 Retro Electric Convertible EU Regulations
The Carice TC2 meets European standards and can be driven in all EU countries and those following the same rules.

Powered by an electric motor that delivers a peak of 41 kilowatts, the TC2 drives the rear wheels and can reach a top speed of 120 km/h, which is electronically limited. While specific acceleration figures are not provided, Carice CEO Richard Holleman emphasizes the joyful driving experience, attributed to the vehicle’s low seating position, low center of gravity, and excellent power-to-weight ratio.

Carice TC2 Retro Electric Convertible Charging
A 2.7-hour charge using the Type 2 port can recharge the Carice TC2’s battery from 0 to 80%.

The interior of the TC2 is equally impressive, featuring vegan leather upholstery, a brushed-stainless-steel dashboard with toggle switches, and a hardwood steering wheel, all contributing to its classy and timeless appeal.

Carice continues its tradition of building EVs to order, with the current production run of the TC2 already sold out. However, there are still a few spots available for the next batch, expected to ship in the coming months. The starting price for the Carice TC2 is set at €44,500, approximately US$49,050, positioning it as a premium offering in the electric convertible market.

Carice TC2 Retro Electric Convertible Cabin
The interior boasts eco-friendly vegan leather seats, a brushed-steel dashboard with toggle switches, and a steering wheel crafted from elegant hardwood.

Source: Carice