Cyberdrop ebike trailer embraces the Cybertruck essence

Cybertruck-inspired Cyberdrop eBike Trailer
The Cyberdrop prototype, paired with Jeremiah's motorized Bullitt cargo bike. Images courtesy Cyberdrop

The emergence of ebikes has revolutionized the way we perceive travel and outdoor adventures. Bridging this innovation with the growing trend of bike-packing, the Cyberdrop ebike trailer emerges as a unique solution for cycling enthusiasts. Inspired by the design of Tesla’s Cybertruck, the Cyberdrop is not just a concept but a reality in the making, promising to enhance the experience of bike-packing trips.

Jeremiah Brown, the Canadian cyclist, author, entrepreneur, and Olympic silver medalist in rowing, is the brain behind the Cyberdrop. His journey began in 2021 with a bike-packing trip from Peterborough, Ontario to Newfoundland. Brown converted a mountain bike into an ebike, equipped with a custom large battery fitting the bike frame. Despite the fun, he faced challenges, particularly with uncomfortable tent camping. This led him to explore existing market options, but none matched his expectations, prompting him to create the Cyberdrop prototype.

The Cyberdrop ebike trailer stands out with its sturdy construction and user-friendly design. It features a welded 6061 aluminum frame, ensuring durability and strength. The trailer boasts an 8-foot (2.4 meters) bed length, inclusive of a storage area at the feet, catering to practicality and comfort. Notably, it has a cabin height of 46 inches (1,168 mm), allowing taller individuals to sit up comfortably, change clothes, prepare meals, or simply relax.

Insulation is a key aspect of the Cyberdrop, using 1-inch XPS (extruded polystyrene) sheeting. To combat condensation, all aluminum surfaces inside are covered with neoprene. The cabin’s interior is finished with a hard-wearing hull liner fabric, adding to its durability. A powered roof vent enhances cooling and air circulation, making it a comfortable abode regardless of the weather conditions.

Cyberdrop eBike Trailer New York City
The Cyberdrop trailer in New York City.

What sets the Cyberdrop ebike trailer apart is its integrated Grin Technologies hub motor in the front wheel. This innovative feature ensures that the ebike towing the trailer does not bear the entire load. In Brown’s current setup, a Bullitt cargo bike with front and rear hub motors is used for towing. The power for these motors and the trailer’s motor comes from a 72-volt/9.5-kW lithium battery pack located in the bike’s cargo compartment.

Cybertruck-inspired Cyberdrop eBike Trailer Interior
Interior of the Cyberdrop eBike Trailer.

The trailer and the Bullitt’s front wheel motors augment the rider’s pedaling power for regular cruising. When needed, the motor in the ebike’s rear wheel is activated for extra assistance. This setup is claimed to offer a range of up to 130 miles (209 km) per 8-hour battery charge. An optional solar panel and regenerative braking system can be added to extend battery life or power cabin electronics such as lights and the vent fan. However, the main battery also powers these components.

Cyberdrop eBike Trailer Solar Array
An optional solar panel offers up to 400 watts to help charge the main battery overnight using a standard 110/120v outlet.

Brown is currently in the process of planning the production of the Cyberdrop ebike trailer and will start accepting preorders once he has a clear estimate of delivery dates. He suggests that the pricing for the Cyberdrop may start at around CAD 8,999 (approximately US$6,770), not including the ebike.

Cyberdrop eBike Trailer Inner Dimensions
The interior measurements of the Cyberdrop’s cabin space.

Source: Cyberdrop