Squad Mobility set for 2025 Solar City microEV launch, unveiling Buggy version at CES 2024

Squad Mobility Solar City microEV 2025 Launch Buggy CES 2024
Squad Mobility plans to bring its Solar City microEV to the US in 2025, debuting a special Buggy edition at CES 2024. Images courtesy Squad Mobility

In an era where sustainable transportation is not just a choice but a necessity, Dutch micromobility startup Squad Mobility is making notable strides with its Solar City microEV. The company, established in Amsterdam in 2019, is on the brink of revolutionizing urban mobility with its cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. As the anticipation for its 2025 production launch grows, the company prepares to showcase a special Buggy edition at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, offering a glimpse into the future of micro-electric vehicles (microEVs).

Squad Mobility was founded by Robert Hoevers and Chris Klok, both of whom have a rich background in sustainable automotive design, notably with the Lightyear One solar-electric vehicle. Their latest venture focuses on a smaller, more affordable approach to clean urban transportation. The unveiling of the Squad Solar two-seater last year marked a significant milestone in their journey, offering a budget-friendly option for eco-conscious city dwellers.

Priced competitively at €6,250, the Squad Solar two-seater, and its more upscale Signature Edition at €9,300, have remained consistent in their pre-order phase. The initial batch of Europe-exclusive vehicles, the Signature Edition, is equipped with four batteries, boasting a range of 100 km (62 miles) per charge. This initial offering sets a high standard for what is to follow.

Squad Mobility’s Pioneer Edition, priced at €7,050, is slated for the next 900 models. These units will feature two batteries, offering roughly half the range of the Signature Edition. Additionally, a regular production pre-order level is available, along with an option for customers outside the EU. For U.S. customers, the estimated availability is set for 2025, with a price tag of $6,250, excluding taxes.

Squad Mobility Solar Buggy CES 2024
The Squad Solar Buggy is a Solar City model enhanced with accessories like a rear rack, tubular doors, and special wheels/tires.

The company’s CEO, Hoevers, noted a significant interest from the U.S., particularly in sectors like golf cart communities, corporate campuses, sharing platforms, hotels and resorts, amusement parks, and inner city services. This interest underlines the versatility and wide-ranging appeal of the Solar City microEV.

The Solar City is aptly named, featuring a rooftop equipped with 250 Wp of photovoltaic cells. This design allows for an additional daily range of up to 22 km in sunny conditions, like those found in the Netherlands, or 19.2 miles under Las Vegas’s sunnier skies. This feature could potentially negate the need for charging for some commuters.

Squad Mobility Solar Buggy Founders
Squad Mobility founders Robert Hoevers and Chris Klok showcase the special edition Solar Buggy microEV.

Each Solar City vehicle can accommodate up to four 1.6-kWh Li-ion batteries, achieving a maximum range of 100 km. The batteries are swappable, and the vehicle includes 168 liters of storage space. The prospect of battery swap stations in the future further enhances the practicality of this vehicle.

The microEV’s performance specifications are equally impressive. It features two in-wheel motors at the rear, offering power options of 2 kW or 3 kW each. Depending on the model, the top speeds vary – 45 km/h under the L6e or L7 homologation in Europe and up to 25 mph in the U.S. as an LSV.

Squad Mobility Solar City microEV Solar Panels
Squad Mobility’s Solar City Car features a 250 Wp solar panel that can add nearly 20 miles of range in a day’s Las Vegas sun.

Safety is not an afterthought in the Solar City design. The vehicle boasts an aluminum space frame with a roll cage, crash protection, safety belts on all seats, and disc brakes at each wheel. Doors are optional for the standard model destined for the U.S. market.

The Buggy version, which sets itself apart with a tubular barrier on each side, a rear rack, and special wheels and tires, offers a more rugged and versatile option. All Buggy accessories will be available for separate order.

Squad Mobility Solar City microEV Swappable Batteries
The Solar City microEV supports up to four swappable batteries, with potential future hotswap stations.

Looking ahead, Squad Mobility is prioritizing the production of the two-person L6/LSV and L7 models. However, plans for a four-person L7 model and a cargo version are in the works, expanding the utility of the Solar City range. A standard two-battery Solar City LSV microEV is priced at $6,250 before tax in the U.S., positioning it as an accessible option for a wide range of consumers.

As Squad Mobility gears up for its display at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, its Solar Buggy and the broader Solar City line represent not just a new product but a new paradigm in urban transportation. With its focus on sustainability, affordability, and practicality, Squad Mobility is poised to make a significant impact on how we navigate our cities in the coming years.

Squad Mobility Solar City microEV Easy Parking
Parking in urban areas is expected to be super easy with the Solar City microEV.

Source: Squad Mobility