Cargo One front loader ebike offers a cozy ride for your little ones

Tenways Cargo One eBike
Featuring a spacious cargo box and ergonomic design, Cargo One is your ideal companion for family outings and everyday adventures. Images courtesy Tenways

The entry of Tenways into the cargo ebike segment introduces the Cargo One, a front loader ebike designed to facilitate urban transport and family adventures with ease. With its robust features, including a Bafang mid-drive motor and a sizeable battery life, the Cargo One aims to blend functionality with comfort for its riders.

Power and performance

At the heart of the Cargo One is the Bafang M600 mid-drive motor, renowned for its reliability and power. This motor provides pedal assistance up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph), ensuring that riders can navigate urban landscapes efficiently. Complementing this motor is the Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive coupled with an Enviolo stepless gear hub, a combination that promises low maintenance and seamless gear shifting.

The motor’s torque output stands at 80 Nm (59 lb.ft), which is particularly advantageous when tackling inclines. Additionally, the inclusion of a responsive torque sensor offers a more intuitive riding experience, mimicking the natural effort of cycling and adjusting the motor’s power accordingly.

Battery and range

A significant highlight of the Cargo One is its 960-Wh battery, equipped with LG cells, potentially offering a range of up to 90 km (56 miles) on a single charge. This capability is ideal for longer commutes or family outings without the constant worry of recharging. The integrated LCD display provides essential ride information and interfaces with the Tenways mobile companion app for enhanced functionality, including navigation aids projected directly onto the mid-handlebar screen.

Tenways Cargo One eBike 5-Point Safety Belt
The 800-liter cargo box seats up to two kids securely with 5-point safety belts, blending capacity with safety for family journeys.

Design and capacity

Constructed with a 6061 aluminum low-step frame, the Cargo One is designed for accessibility and durability. It features an 800-liter cargo box capable of securely accommodating two children or a substantial volume of groceries, complete with four box covers to protect against the elements.

For flexibility, the child seats within the cargo box are easily removable without tools, and the entire box can be detached for transporting larger items, although this requires unscrewing four bolts. The bike’s total weight is 58 kg (128 lb), with a maximum load capacity of 250 kg (550 lb), ensuring it can handle significant weight without compromising on stability or performance.

Tenways Cargo One eBike Cargo Box Removed
Detachable with just four bolts, the box can be removed to accommodate larger items.


Comfort and safety features

Riding comfort is addressed with a Suntour suspension fork, providing 50 mm of travel to absorb road imperfections. The wheel setup includes a 20-inch front and a 26-inch rear aluminum rim, each fitted with puncture-resistant Schwalbe tires. Safety is paramount, with Tektro four-piston hydraulic disc brakes ensuring reliable stopping power.

Additional features include a two-point adjustable handlebar stem, a Royalgel comfort saddle, and comprehensive lighting options for visibility and safety, including daytime running lights and turn signaling.

Pricing and availability

Tenways Cargo One eBike Specs
The Cargo One is equipped with a Bafang mid-drive motor, a Gates CDX belt, and an Enviolo hub for seamless gear changes.

Priced at €4,999 (approximately US$5,420), the Cargo One presents itself as an affordable option within its category, especially when compared to similar models like Cannondale’s Wonderwagen Neo and Hase Bikes’ Gravit City E. While it’s primarily available in Europe, the lack of mention regarding international availability might limit its reach. Nonetheless, its competitive price point and extensive features make it an attractive option for those in its market.

Source: Tenways