Humanoid robot exhibits jaw-dropping speed, ultra-smoothness, and precision

Astribot S1 AI-powered Humanoid Robot
The S1 robot demonstrates its precision by effortlessly opening a wine bottle and smoothly pouring the contents into a decanter. Images courtesy Astribot

In the rapidly evolving field of humanoid robotics, each new entry seems to push the boundaries of what these machines can do. Among the latest to make waves is the S1 robot from Astribot, a subsidiary of Stardust Intelligence based in Shenzhen, China. This AI-powered humanoid has demonstrated capabilities that could potentially set new benchmarks for speed and precision in robotics.

The robot industry, much like the tech world in general, is witnessing a surge in innovative developments. Recently, robotics enthusiasts have seen everything from a laundry-folding robot equipped with soft-touch capabilities by Norwegian company 1X, to an advanced natural language processing robot from Figure. Other notable entries include Boston Dynamics’ Atlas, known for its dexterity, and UBTech’s Walker S, which combines soft-touch interaction with vocal communication.

However, Astribot’s S1 has distinguished itself with its impressive speed and precision. According to the company, this humanoid can execute movements at a top speed of 10 meters per second and handle a payload of up to 10 kilograms per arm. Such specifications are notable, especially when demonstrated under test conditions that showed the S1 smoothly pulling a tablecloth from under a stack of wine glasses without disturbance—an impressive feat of both speed and control.

The S1’s abilities extend beyond rapid movements. The robot has been showcased performing a variety of delicate tasks such as opening and pouring wine, precision shaving of a cucumber, flipping a sandwich in a frying pan, and even engaging in the art of calligraphy. These tasks are not only done quickly but with a level of precision that mimics human dexterity, suggesting the robot’s potential in learning and mimicking complex human actions.

Astribot S1 AI-powered Humanoid Robot Flipping Toast
The S1 robot showcases its dexterity by skillfully flipping a sandwich in a frying pan.

Despite these impressive demonstrations, there are questions about the S1, particularly regarding its mobility, as the available videos focus only on its upper body functionalities. Unlike typical humanoid robots, which have a form of locomotion, the S1 has so far been presented as a stationary unit. Further details about its design and mobility features are awaited as they could significantly influence its practical applications.

Astribot S1 AI-powered Humanoid Robot Peeling Cucumber
The S1 robot displays meticulous precision while delicately peeling a cucumber.

Astribot, although a relatively new name in the robotics industry, has roots that trace back to significant expertise and experience in the tech world. Founded in 2022, Astribot is an offshoot of Stardust Intelligence, led by Lai Jie, a veteran of major tech firms like Tencent Robotics Laboratory and Baidu, and an academic stint at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The name Astribot itself, inspired by the Latin proverb ‘Ad astra per aspera’ (a journey through hardship to the stars), reflects the company’s ambitious vision for the future of robotics.

Astribot S1 AI-powered Humanoid Robot Ironing Clothes
The S1 robot demonstrates its versatility by skillfully ironing clothes.

The S1 robot is anticipated to be commercially available later this year, following its one-year development period. While pricing details have not been disclosed, the interest it has generated could likely position it as a competitive player in the market, potentially influencing pricing strategies in the broader humanoid robot segment.

As the humanoid robot sector continues to expand, the entry of models like the S1 from Astribot is a reminder of the ongoing innovation that companies are striving for. Whether Astribot will maintain its momentum and become a key player in the industry remains to be seen. However, with its current capabilities, the S1 robot is certainly poised to challenge existing norms and inspire new advancements in humanoid robotics.

Astribot S1 AI-powered Humanoid Robot Adding Salt
The S1 robot meticulously adds salt to a dish, showcasing its precise control in the kitchen.

Source: Astribot