Minnesota embraces the future with new legislation for flying cars

Samson Sky Switchblade Flying Car
Minnesota passed a groundbreaking law allowing roadable aircraft like the Samson Sky Switchblade to operate on state roads and highways. Images courtesy Samson Sky

In a significant move towards the future of transportation, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz recently signed a bipartisan transportation bill that includes provisions for the use of flying cars, specifically roadable aircraft. This legislative development marks Minnesota as the second state in the United States to establish clear regulations for these innovative vehicles, following New Hampshire’s lead in 2020.

The legislation is a considerable milestone for companies like Samson Sky, the creators of the Switchblade Flying Sports Car, as well as other global flying car designers. The new law outlines the requirements for state registration of roadable aircraft, allowing them to be driven on state roads and highways. It emphasizes that while these vehicles can operate as both cars and planes, takeoff and landing on public roads are prohibited unless in an emergency situation, aligning with existing aviation rules.

Industry input and legislative support

Samson Sky’s legislative analyst, Russell Bousfield, played a crucial role in providing industry insights to the Minnesota Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee. Bousfield expressed satisfaction with the legislative support, noting the independent interest in using roadable aircraft for both business and travel in the state. He also mentioned that Samson Sky intends to advocate for similar legislation across the U.S. to further integrate flying cars into the mainstream transportation system.

Historical context and global interest

Minnesota’s forward-thinking approach follows New Hampshire’s “Jetson Bill” from 2020, which was the first legislation in the U.S. to address state registration of roadable aircraft. Samson Sky, along with other flying car companies such as Terrafugia and PAL-V, contributed to the formation of this pioneering legislation. The industry’s momentum is expected to continue with the commencement of production by 2025 from companies like Samson Sky, Alef, PAL-V, and Klein Vision.

Samson Sky Switchblade Flying Car Propeller Tail Folded
The Samson Sky Switchblade, shown here with its tail and propeller folded in, seamlessly transforms from a high-performance car to a capable aircraft.

The Samson Sky Switchblade

Samson Sky’s Switchblade Flying Sports Car is at the forefront of this new transportation era. The Switchblade, which had its maiden flight in November 2023, boasts a unique hybrid electric system powered by unleaded auto gas, making it accessible for refueling at any standard gas station. This vehicle is designed for everyday use, combining high performance in both driving and flying modes.

Samson Sky Switchblade Flying Car First Flight
The Samson Sky Switchblade, with a range of 500 miles and a top speed of 200 mph, is captured here during its first flight.

The Switchblade features a Skybrid™ hybrid electric drive system, paving the way for future all-electric models. With reservations from over 50 countries, the Switchblade is considered one of the most popular flying cars currently available. This two-seater vehicle offers a range of up to 500 miles on a single tank of gas, allowing owners to drive from their garage to a nearby airport, transform the car into flight mode, and fly to their destination’s nearest airport. Upon landing, the Switchblade can revert to driving mode for the final leg of the journey.

Pricing and options

Samson Sky offers several versions of the Switchblade to cater to different needs and preferences:

Samson Sky Switchblade Car Mode
The Samson Sky Switchblade, shown here in car mode, transforms into an aircraft in under 3 minutes.

Standard Switchblade

Estimated Price: From $170,000

Features: The standard model includes the Samson Builder Assist Program, valued at $20,000. This program helps buyers assemble their Switchblade at the Builder Assist Center using an automated and computer-driven manufacturing process.

Switchblade Special

Estimated Price: From $330,000

Features: This version caters to users with specific requirements or those operating in particular climates. The Special Edition includes additional features to enhance comfort and functionality.

Switchblade Limited Edition

Estimated Price: From $770,000

Features: The Limited Edition is tailored for clients seeking the ultimate in luxury and performance. Each vehicle is custom-crafted, offering a choice of premium materials such as fine leather, aesthetic metals, woods, and even precious gems. Additional options include enhanced sound systems, heads-up displays, security devices, and Smart Glass windows. Clients can use virtual reality to experience and approve their custom interior design before it is built.

Samson Sky Switchblade Flying Car Dashboard Rendering
A rendering of the Samson Sky Switchblade’s dashboard.


Minnesota’s new transportation law is a significant step towards integrating flying cars into the everyday lives of its residents. With clear state regulations and growing interest from both the public and private sectors, the future of transportation seems to be taking off, quite literally. The Samson Sky Switchblade Flying Sports Car stands out as a practical and innovative solution, offering a glimpse into what could soon become a common sight on our roads and in our skies. With various models and price points, Samson Sky aims to make flying cars accessible to a broader audience, paving the way for a new era of travel.

Samson Sky Switchblade Flying Car Sam Bousfield
Sam Bousfield, founder of Samson Sky, stands next to the innovative Switchblade flying car.

Source: Samson Sky