LED mask animates expressions into pixelated emoticons

Qudi Mask 2
The Qudi Mask 2 transforms facial expressions into vibrant pixelated emoticons with over 30 animations and customizable designs. Images courtesy Qudi

The Qudi Mask 2 introduces a novel way to display emotions through wearable technology, offering an innovative solution to express feelings digitally. By translating the wearer’s facial expressions into pixelated emoticons, the mask allows users to project their emotions via an LED display. Whether it’s a raised eyebrow, open-mouth laughter, or quivering lips, the mask captures and reflects these expressions, bringing a dynamic element to social interactions.

Functionality and features

The Qudi Mask 2 boasts an array of features designed to enhance user experience. It opens its mouth when the wearer speaks, blinks its eyes, and reacts to head movements, thanks to advanced motion sensors. These sensors detect the user’s movements and emotions, enabling the mask to display a corresponding pixelated expression on its LED screen. Polina Luhovykh, the creative director behind Qudi, notes that the new model can show over 30 different facial expressions, a significant upgrade from its predecessor.

Customizable expressions

Customization is a key aspect of the Qudi Mask 2. The mask allows users to create personalized expressions using the dedicated Qudi app. Users can choose from a variety of eyes, mouths, and expressions, adjusting their colors individually to craft unique faces. With millions of possible combinations, users can create expressions ranging from the whimsical to the serious. The app’s Creator Mode facilitates this customization, providing a drag-and-drop interface for easy design.

Model variants

The Qudi Mask 2 comes in three distinct models:

  1. Robot: This model pays homage to the original Qudi Mask but adds moving eyebrows to enhance expressiveness.
  2. Kawaii: Inspired by manga, this model features an advanced algorithm and Emote Glyphs System, allowing users to create anime-style emotions.
  3. XX: Recognizable by its two giant Xs on the LED display, this model stands out for its bold design.
Qudi Mask 2 Kawaii Robot XX
The Qudi Mask 2 series includes the Robot with moving eyebrows, Kawaii with manga-style emotions, and the bold XX model with two giant Xs.

Visual effects and customization

The Qudi Mask 2 offers 50 built-in bright effects, allowing users to change the color of their pixelated emoticons. Options include a vibrant rainbow mode, turning the mask into a technicolor display. Additionally, users can customize the skin and frame of the mask, adding features like cat ears or alien antennas. These options were not available in the first model, highlighting the enhancements in the Qudi Mask 2.

Qudi Mask 2 App
Users can switch animations through the dedicated app or manually using a touch button on the mask.

Battery life and usability

On a single charge, the Qudi Mask 2 can operate for up to three hours, with a recharge time of approximately 90 minutes. Users can switch animations through the dedicated app or manually using a touch button on the mask. The design ensures that breathing is not obstructed, as the mask does not cover the lower part of the face, allowing air to flow freely. An adjustable clip on the side helps secure the mask to the face and accommodates eyeglasses.

Qudi Mask 2 Emotional Mode
The mask interacts seamlessly with your actions, opening its mouth when you speak, blinking its eyes, and responding to your head movements.

Availability and pricing

The Qudi Mask 2 has successfully surpassed its Kickstarter campaign goal, and the first batch is expected to ship by Christmas of 2024. Each mask is priced at $129 USD, making it an affordable option for those interested in merging technology with personal expression.

Source: Kickstarter