Non-lethal Vehicle Arresting Systems

Non-lethal vehicle arresting system, NightHawk, in action. Image credit: PSEMC

PSEMC (Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company) offers law enforcement technologies, such as vehicle arresting devices for high-speed pursuits.


ArrestNet is an effective vehicle arresting system – it can be remotely deployed and is man-portable. It deploys a high strength net into the path of a target vehicle. This allows the operator the option of Escalation of Force, to end a pursuit non-lethally. The system is equipped with barbed spikes that penetrate tires, which then causes a high strength net to entangle the front wheels of the vehicle, resulting in a safe and controlled stoppage.


  • Non-lethal vehicle arresting
  • Man-portable
  • Easily set-up in seconds; No ground anchoring
  • Effective on any terrain
  • Provides Personnel Standoff and Safety
  • Remotely Deployed; System deploys in less than 3 seconds
  • Lightweight, high strength net design
  • Versatile and modular, allowing for net specific applications

How it works

When the ArrestNet is fired, the gas bottle pressurizes the deployment hoses. Simultaneously, the kicker drives the net and carrier into the roadway laying it down in the path of the oncoming target vehicle. As the vehicle drives over the net, the net is pulled from its folded condition and wraps around the front tires to lock the wheels, thereby arresting the vehicle in a safe and controlled manner. The system can be reused by replacing the pressure bottle and net assembly.


The NightHawk is the first remotely deployed and retracted vehicle pursuit-stopping system. It uses the proven Stop Stick® tire deflation technology packaged into a small case weighing less than 30 lbs. With hand-thrown units, there is the need to throw a spike strip across the road at just the right moment – a few seconds before the target approaches. Having to do exactly that, the first responder is often in harm’s way. The NightHawk takes the first responder out of the way of oncoming traffic and allows the system to be remotely deployed at just the right time.

Simple to operate, NightHawk’s dual-button remote operates up to 100 feet away. It can be placed on the side of the road and covers up to 24 feet of lane space when deployed. The target vehicle gets no time to react, since the system deploys in less than 2 seconds. The vehicle runs over the spikes eventually resulting in deflated tires. To ensure that no other vehicles are affected – any chasing police cars – the system can then be remotely retracted just as fast. The target vehicle’s tires are also deflated at a controlled pace allowing it to come to a safe stop.


  • Remotely launched and retracted
  • Stop Stick inside
  • Zero debris left on the roadway
  • Reliable in all weather conditions