The SNOO Smart Sleeper can rock a baby to sleep

SNOO Smart Sleeper can rock a fussy baby to sleep

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is essentially a robotic cradle full of nifty features intended to mimic the womb so your crying baby can be rocked back to sleep. It was designed by renowned pediatrician and baby sleep expert, Dr. Harvey Karp, long been known for his 5 Ss (swaddle, side/stomach, shush, swing, suck) from his Happiest Baby book and video series.

The “smart” bassinet has a built-in swaddling system. The swaddles (3 sizes included) have mesh at the top and along the hips. This ensures that the baby does not overheat and allows the parents to see that the baby’s hips are properly positioned for flexibility.

Put the baby inside the swaddle and then hook the swaddle to the cradle

How it works: First, you have to put your baby inside the swaddle. Then you hook the swaddle to the cradle, which also prevents the baby from rolling onto her stomach. Next, you simply press the one button on the bassinet or activate it using the app. The rocking and sounds start only if the swaddle is properly anchored in the system. The cradle then works to lull baby back to sleep if they wake, using sounds and motion. The SNOO provides varying degrees of motion, and has a built-in speaker. There are three distinct white noise options to help calm your baby.

Press the one button on the cradle to activate the SNOO Smart Sleeper

The SNOO is not a panacea. If a baby is uncomfortable for reasons like hunger, sickness, reflux or wanting out of a dirty diaper, no amount of shushing and rocking in the world can calm the child. However, it does what you would do if your baby were upset and needed a little extra cuddle time – soothe her, rock her and keep her cozy. It can help carve out a few extra minutes for sleep-deprived parents.

However, not everyone is a fan of this new product with commenters noting several concerns. Mostly, that this is not right; babies need hugs, kisses and someone to sing to them. Machines should and could never replace that. In addition, parents using such a machine are not worthy of their mom/dad title.

Baby is wrapped up in a flipping straight jacket … what the hell and yes a snuggle from parents is far better than getting shaken to sleep.

This is terrible. Babies need the proximity of their parents, they must smell and feel them. Unbelievable what people can think of to keep away from their instincts.

This is not good, it will cause shaken baby syndrome. Be a parent and hold the baby and rock it and bond with it, or don’t make a baby and get a pet.

Babies are smarter than that so called smart crib. They will know that there is no one around them and will cry louder.

I promise, you will long for these days when you could hold, cuddle, snuggle, kiss & love on your baby when he’s little. I promise, you don’t get a “do-over.”

The above concerns are a bit exaggerated, since it is highly unlikely that any good parent would view the SNOO as a replacement for their love and care at all times. A machine cannot be a parent substitute by any means. However, the SNOO can give sleep-deprived parents a break when the baby is extremely fussy and simply won’t sleep. They can get much needed rest and be better parents during the day.

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