Fog cannon to secure your home and business premises

PROTECT Fog Cannon
PROTECT Fog Cannon fills the room with a white, dense, dry fog, so the burglar can’t see

A fog cannon from PROTECT can secure your premises within seconds, making it virtually impossible for the burglar to steal anything.

Current audible alarm systems act as simple deterrents for thieves, but the PROTECT fog cannon takes security to another level – Thieves “Can’t Steal What They Can’t See”!

How a Fog Cannon Works

Security fog works against burglaries, robberies and vandalism. The fog can be discharged automatically via sensors, manually with a “panic button” or remotely from a control center.

A burglar breaks through a window and triggers a sensor. Both the alarm system and the fog cannon are activated and the room is filled with a white, dense, dry fog, so the burglar can’t even see his hand in front of his face! He does the only thing he can – turns around and runs out the same way he came in.

A fog cannon is a generator that uses a heater to convert harmless fluid into waves of artificial fog which is disorientating. This all happens within a few seconds!

PROTECT claims that the fog is as thick and harmless as the “smoke effect” at concerts and theaters. They say that it leaves no residue, and is completely harmless to humans and animals; it will not affect clothing, furnishings and electrical equipment.

The fog can remain in a room for up to one hour. The system is not a once-only use. It can be reactivated – each bottle in the system holds at least six activations, and bottles can be refilled. Therefore, if the burglar tries to come back, the fog will discharge again!

PROTECT Fog Cannons can be mounted overtly or as a covert solution.

On their website, PROTECT mentions that they have installed more than 80,000 units, thereby making them the world market leader in the industry. A PROTECT Fog Cannon automatically comes with a 2-year warranty. If you fill out and submit the warranty form on their website, you will add 3 years to the warranty on the newly installed fog cannon. This will bring your warranty up to 5 years!