Electric handcycle converts manual wheelchair into a motorized device

Firefly by Rio Mobility turns your manual wheelchair into a power scooter!

The introduction of motorized wheelchairs served as a real breath of fresh air for those that require the device for mobility. Gone are the days of struggling to power manual wheelchairs or relying on others to wheel them around. However, the adoption has not been as widespread as anticipated. A major factor behind this is the cost of motorized wheelchairs. The Firefly from Rio Mobility is an affordable electric handcycle that converts your everyday wheelchair into a motorized device in an instant. If you’ve been saving up to buy a motorized wheelchair but the cash is simply not adding up, the Firefly is more than a suitable alternative.

Design and Features

The Firefly comes with a unique ‘Quick Dock’ attachment system that converts your wheelchair into a handcycle in an instant. All you need to do is to connect the two latches and you’re good to go. If you wish to go back to wheelchair mode, the latches are just as easy to disconnect. Most of Firefly’s parts are regular, off-the-shelf bicycle parts. Thus, servicing or replacing the parts can be handled by your regular bicycle repairer.

The Firefly is designed such that the digital controls are within easy reach. It also comes with five power levels that allow you to turn your wheelchair into an actual speeding machine.

Digital control center

As you already know, the Firefly ensures your wheelchair is fully motorized. Your only task is to steer the wheelchair while it moves with the help of the digital controls. The digital control center features:

  • Quadriplegic Friendly thumb throttles
  • 5 power levels selected through the display
  • Speedometer and odometer
  • Battery level indicator
  • Reverse thumb throttle
  • Two brake handles with parking brake capability

High-capacity lithium battery

Firefly comes with a high-capacity 36V battery that ensures it can go the distance. The device boasts a range of 24 km when fully charged and a top speed of 19 km/hr. If you’re worried about moving at overly high speeds, there is a speed limiter that can help control your device’s speed. When fully discharged, Firefly’s battery attains full charge in just 4 hours.


Firefly’s versatility ensures it is compatible with a wide range of wheelchairs. It does not matter if it is a folding/rigid wheelchair, or an adult/pediatric wheelchair, you can trust that Firefly would be compatible with it. You may check your wheelchair’s compatibility here.

Pricing Info

Firefly is available on the Rio Mobility official website as well as other reputable online stores. The device is priced around $2,400.