Makr Shakr unveils new rooftop robotic bars in Milan and London

Makr Shakr's The View - Rooftop Robotic Bar. Image Courtesy of TownHouse Duomo, © Marco Beck Peccoz

Founded by MIT professor Carlo Ratti, the bar producing company Makr Shakr is in the line of marrying technology with nightlife. They give bar goers a new experience through their unique concepts, combining barman roots with food tech through the future of human-machine collaboration. The latest of these concepts are a couple of rooftop robotic bars that the company has opened in the high profile cities of Milan, Italy and London, England. In Milan, the robotic bar is the first ever robotic bar in the city, while in London the bar is on display as part of an exhibition entitled AI: More than Human. 

The View, the Makr Shakr Milan location, opened on July 26, 2019 where it overlooks Milan’s cathedral from the rooftop of the luxury TownHouse Duomo. At The View, guests get to enjoy classic cocktails prepared by the in-house robots, or even get mocktails such as the T+based The View, made with bergamot tea liquor that was crafted especially for this location. The bar utilizes a robot modeled on the moves of famous dancer and choreographer Marco Pelle, and is available for rent.

The machine features two robotic arms that can prepare and serve any drink to perfection within seconds. Guests can order using Makr Shakr’s exclusive mobile app, where they can choose from preset recipes, or design and label their own unique cocktails all from their phone. The setup gives people the opportunity to do something few people have had a chance to so far: interact with industrial robotics technology and see just how it’s influencing the world we live in.

Toni, the Milan bar’s London counterpart, will debut on August 7th at 6 pm, and put its human bartender counterparts to the test. It will be able to make a variety of cocktails and mocktails, including a new creation called More than Human which has been designed specifically for the exhibition. There will also be a competition to create a perfect Negroni in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Italian cocktail.

Makr Shakr launched in 2014 and has become an independent company that has served over 1 million cocktails to thousands around the world. Makr Shakr’s robotic bars can be found on Royal Caribbean Cruise ships, as well as other locations in the US, France and the United Kingdom.