Ohsnap phone grip: Ultra-thin, magnetic grip you’ll actually love

Ohsnap adheres directly to your phone or phone case and makes it simple and easy to use your phone.

Ever wondered why phones, as fragile and expensive as they are, have no handle or grip? Well, the best we can think is that it’s a big oversight on the part of manufacturers. And while a lot of entrepreneurs have attempted to fill this loophole, most of the phone grips flying around suck! They are almost always overly invasive or bulky or aesthetically drab.

Ohsnap is an ultra-thin, magnetic, one-finger phone grip that promises everything you want in a phone grip and more. The premium phone grip aims to provide the utmost functionality without sacrificing fashion or adding bulk. According to the manufacturers, “Ohsnap provides incredible utility while remaining so sleek and thin that you won’t even notice it’s there until you need it.”

Design and features

Ohsnap is designed to provide a firm and secure grip while adding little or no bulk to your phone. It’s designed with premium materials including aircraft-grade aluminum, steel, and satiny silicone, providing a premium feel and ultimate reliability. The company says that the adhesive technology of Ohsnap’s sticky plate is extraordinarily firm and compatible with all kinds of surfaces, including phones and phone cases.

Ohsnap’s finger band is foldable and when unfolded, the “U” shape formed can be useful as a grip. If you want an even firmer grip, you can make a complete loop from the unfolded finger band and hold your phone with one hand while your finger is inserted in the loop. Holding your phone in this manner effectively eliminates the possibility of accidentally dropping your phone.

Unmatched convenience

Ohsnap’s magnetic property ensures it can stick to metallic surfaces like workout machinery, some parts of your car’s interior, refrigerators, etc. In instances where it’s practically impossible to hold your phone, you can still place your phone somewhere convenient and safe while you multitask. The grip can even function as a snap-up kickstand, allowing you to watch videos hands-free at the optimum viewing angle. Whether you’re holding your phone or not, Ohsnap has been designed to provide maximum safety and convenience.

Rotation capabilities

Ohsnap features a patented 360-degree constant friction rotation technology, which allows it to rotate freely about its axis. This provides unlimited possibilities whether you’re switching between portrait and landscape modes or simply looking for the perfect viewing angle.

Maximum versatility

Ohsnap is no doubt the most flexible non-invasive phone grip you’ll ever come across. Asides giving you the freedom to hold your phone in a variety of ways, Ohsnap has been designed to be compatible with a wide variety of accessories. For example, you can continue using your existing magnetic car mount with Ohsnap attached to your phone. If your phone supports wireless charging features, simply slide out the Ohsnap frame and you can conveniently make use of a wireless charging pad.

As firm as it is, Ohsnap’s sticky plate is easy to remove and re-stick. According to the manufacturers, you can even wash it with water and it’ll still be as firm as ever once it’s dry. However, you may need to get another sticky plate after about 6-8 re-sticks.

Pricing info

Ohsnap is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The hugely successful Kickstarter campaign is already more than 3000% funded with about 10 days to go. You can check out the campaign page for the available pledges and rewards.