Pop ‘N Go Playpen: Portable tent for babies, toddlers or pets

Pop 'N Go is a compact, portable, lightweight and easy to use playpen for babies, toddlers, and even pets.

For many people, there’s nothing more rejuvenating than quality time out on the beach. If you are lucky enough to find a tranquil spot, the level of relaxation you’ll enjoy is almost unmatched. And if you’re a lover of the chaos that’s commonplace in popular beaches, the summer and spring must be your favorite periods in the year.  

Do you know what’s better than spending time on the beach? Spending time on the beach with toddlers! Just like adults, toddlers also love the tranquility that beaches promise. The sand, the waves, the high sun, and just about everything else thrills them. Before you can take your toddlers to the beach, however, you must ensure their safety is guaranteed. Shielding them in California Beach Co.’s baby beach tents and mattresses is a great step towards achieving this. If you can’t go to the beach amid the current Coronavirus outbreak, you can set up the Pop ‘N Go Playpen in your backyard – it can be great fun and is sure to keep your kids busy. 

What makes Pop ‘N Go different?

There are numerous baby and toddler playpen options out there, but there aren’t many that can match the aesthetics, durability, or comfort of California Beach Co.’s. According to the manufacturers, ‘the products were designed out of the pure necessity for a lightweight and portable playpen option that could hold up on family adventures.’ Whether you’re spending a summer day on the beach, camping in the woods, or embarking on a road trip, you can trust Pop ‘N Go tents and mattresses to provide the comfort and safety your baby needs.  

Fabricated from the highest quality materials  

Beach tents and mattresses are not daily essentials. But too often, people buy them and keep in the house, only to discover that they have to buy another one the next time they need them. The manufacturers of California Beach Co.’s tents understand how frustrating this could be. To ensure optimal longevity and durability, the products have been fabricated from the highest quality materials, such as fiberglass framing. Rest assured, you’ll be using these pop-up tents for many years to come.  

Lightweight and portable

When buying pop-up tents and mattresses, a lot of consumers feel they have to choose between durability and weight. The lightest products often feel like they can’t withstand any pressure, and they’re only a few minutes away from snapping. This is, however, not true of California Beach Co.’s tents and mattresses. The products are incredibly lightweight and portable, just the way you want your pop-up tents, and the manufacturers guarantee durability and longevity.  

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The freestanding and portable playpens from California Beach Co. are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The playpens are large enough to accommodate multiple kids, and you can also purchase the custom-designed self-inflating mattress to add an extra layer of comfort.  

Pricing info

The Pop ‘N Go tents are available in orange, black, and pink (pre-order only) variants. The orange and black tents cost $155.97 while the pink variant goes for $167.97. Adding the custom-made inflatable mattress to your order would require shelving another $81.97. Each order comes with a free UV shade cover and travel bag. The prices quoted are for the limited spring sale – 40% off + free shipping. You can visit the company’s official website to place your order.