UVLEN: Portable digital sanitizer uses your smartphone flashlight

UVLEN uses your smartphone flashlight to sanitize your hands or any other surface.

Your cellphone carries ten times more bacteria than toilet seats! Unbelievable, right? But it’s true, at least according to some scientists at the University of Arizona. Our phones harbor such mammoth amounts of microorganisms because we practically take them everywhere, and we freely transfer germs from our hands to phones. In these unprecedented times, people have had to pay more attention to hand hygiene than ever before. While soaps and sanitizers do a great job, they are not always convenient to use, especially when you have to disinfect surfaces other than your hands.

UVLEN is a portable digital sanitizer that’s perfect for disinfecting your hands and virtually every other surface. The manufacturers claim that this tiny sanitizer converts the regular light coming from your phone’s flash into UV light that’s capable of sterilizing the surfaces it comes in contact with.

Design and features

UVLEN follows the path of existing UV disinfection devices such as the Xenex Industrial robots. The device features a patented Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation coat and Diffraction Grating splitting white beams, combined with a dichroic mirror filter built with Fused Silica Amorphous. The technology and design selectively allows UV light to pass through while reflecting lights at higher wavelengths.

The manufacturers say that UVLEN produces high-efficiency 254nm UV light that’s safe enough for the skin but unforgiving for bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Its unique advantage is that it can operate digitally and adapt to multiple mobile field scenarios. This makes it compatible with virtually every kind of smartphone. The device is wholly manufactured in Korea and adheres to the strictest quality control standards.

How it works

UVLEN can sanitize your hands or any surface you point your smartphone’s flashlight at within 10 seconds. All you have to do is attach the device to your smartphone and download the mobile app. The highly efficient UV light filter ensures there’s enough UV penetration to kill potentially harmful microorganisms instantly.

Is UVLEN safe to use?

The UVLEN mobile app controls its performance algorithms and ensures your digital sanitizer delivers just the necessary amount of UV light to kill microorganisms. According to the manufacturers, the amount of light delivered is safe for human and animal skin.

The UVLEN advantage

Here are some of the unique benefits of choosing UVLEN as your digital sanitizer of choice:

  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Free mobile app
  • Safe for humans and pets alike
  • Sanitizes surfaces within 10 seconds
  • Odor-free cleaning is excellent for people that are sensitive to the pungent smell of disinfectants
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extremely cost-effective

Pricing info

UVLEN is yet to be officially launched, and little is known about the product’s cost. According to the manufacturers, subscribing to the email list qualifies potential buyers for a 50% discount at launch. You may visit UVLEN’s official website for more information and updates. Or follow them on social media to know the latest about UVLEN: