Tuck Bike: The first bicycle with folding wheels

The tuck bike, folded up!

More and more people living in urban centers are turning to good old bikes for their commuting needs. And it’s quite understandable because they are environmentally friendly and promote a healthy lifestyle. However, conventional bikes do not seamlessly fit the current urban lifestyle, where a lot of people have to enter trains or buses to get to their destinations.

There has been a range of foldable bikes that hope to change this narrative, but none quite matches the Tuck Bike. Unlike its counterparts with a limited range of folding, the Tuck Bike features foldable frame and wheels. Thus, it can shrink to the size of your travel bag and accompany you wherever you are going.

Design and features

The Tuck Bike’s portability is its unique selling point, and it beats the completion hands down in this regard. According to the manufacturers, the full-size bike weighs no more than 14kg (30.86 lbs) and folds down to a compact 61 X 83 X 37cm. Even when folded, the Tuck Bike remains easy to transport as its caster wheels give room for rolling on smooth platforms such as subway stations. The bike can also stand on its own in a packed train and fit into small areas such as under your desk or in your car trunk.

A full-size bike that folds

Feedback from users shows that most folding bikes have small frames and wheels, and do not ride like full-size bikes. That is why the manufacturers of Tuck Bike first set out to create a full-size bike that riders would love before thinking about making it a folding bike. The result is a bike that has full-size wheels and frame, and the fact that it happens to be a folding bike only makes it all the more appealing to riders. The manufacturers assure that the handling, speed, and feel is no different from the regular bikes you have come to love.

Patent-pending folding wheel system

Tuck Bike is able to sport full-size wheels and frame thanks to a first-of-its-kind folding wheel system. Unlike the conventional tires we have become used to, Tuck Bike is equipped with airless foam tires that fold into three pieces. Users also get the added advantage of riding a bike with puncture-proof tires that never require pumping.

Folds and unfolds in 2 minutes

Folding and unfolding the Tuck Bike is not a complicated process. The user starts releasing the kickstand to balance the bike and then gets around to folding the wheels. The handle and frame are up next, and the caster wheels become exposed after complete folding. The manufacturers assure that the folding or unfolding process would not take more than 2 minutes.

Pricing info

Updated 1st Mar, 2021: Tuck Bike is still in the prototype stage. Reports indicate that a Kickstarter campaign would be launched soon. If you’re interested in buying or finding out more about the bike, you can register for updates via their official website. According to New Atlas, the bike’s retail price range should fall between $1600 and $2500.