Juiced Scorpion: Moped Style E-Bike

The Juiced Scorpion is a comfy e-bike with a step-thru frame and dual suspension.

Juiced Bikes is no stranger to the electric bike scene. From Hyperfat to CrossCurrent to Scrambler, the company has a reputation for producing nostalgia-driven masterpieces that satisfy the cravings of diverse riders. The all-new Scorpion e-bike does not deviate from this proud tradition.

Just like the Scrambler line of bikes, the Scorpion features fat tires and a low rider feel; classic hallmarks of vintage bikes. As expected, the Scorpion doesn’t fail to combine the retro look with modern e-bike technology. Its unique combination of classic aesthetics, power, and performance makes it a great option for anyone who wishes to take a break from conventional two-wheelers.

Design and features

At first sight, arguably the most striking feature of the Scorpion is the motor-cycle style headlight. It’s as big and round as you’ve ever seen on a bike and the unmatched brightness makes it even more impressive. When you add the massive headlight to the comfortable seat, step-through frame, fat tires, and dual suspension, you can be easily forgiven for thinking the Scorpion is a motorcycle. But that’s the point of Mopeds, right?

A unique blend of power and performance

Beyond the striking physical features, the Scorpion promises unmatched performance. It plans to deliver this through its 52V battery and 750-watt motor; enough power and torque to help you pedal through the most difficult terrains. According to the manufacturers, Juiced Bikes is the only e-bike manufacturing company that uses a 52-V battery to power their bikes! The manufacturers also promise a top speed of 28 MPH and up to 75-mile range.

Riding has never felt so good

Importantly, the Scorpion actually feels good to ride. The feel-good factor is owed in part to the bike’s full suspension system that gives the feeling that you’re floating on air. The Shimano 7-speed transmission facilitates easy pedaling uphill and at high speeds. If you’re concerned about what’ll happen if you’re riding too fast, Scorpion’s powerful hydraulic disc brakes give you perfect control over the braking performance. The versatile step-through frame and wider seat further contribute to giving you an outrageously smooth ride.

Advanced matrix LCD

Monitoring vital parameters while riding should be easy and Scorpion’s customized display ensures just that. You get to see the assist level, battery voltage, speed, mileage, temperature, and other relevant riding indicators at a glance. This makes it easy to check if you’re riding too fast, if your battery needs some juice or if, for one reason or another, your bike is becoming too hot for comfort.

Safety is assured

With wide tires for enhanced stability, ultra-powerful hydraulic disc brakes for responsive and precise stopping, as well as a bright LED moto headlamp for exceptional visibility, you can rest assured you have never been safer on a bike.

Pricing info

Updated on 24th Dec, 2020: The Scorpion Electric Moped-Style Bike is available for $1,699 on the Juiced Bikes website