Radwagon Electric Cargo Bike

The RadWagon electric cargo bike can handle big cargo loads, passengers, and more!

More than ever, the world is paying more attention to sustainable commuting. Although cars have done a fantastic job of moving us around thus far, there is little argument that we are over-reliant on them. If the world is to solve its traffic, parking space, and emission problems, we need alternative means of transportation that would reduce our reliance on cars.

The Radwagon electric cargo bike is one such novel mobility solution. Although the company’s claim that it’s capable of replacing cars is slightly outlandish, the electric cargo bike truly offers something different. According to the manufacturers, it’s the “most affordable, feature-rich, and powerful electric cargo bike on the market and it’s got everything you need to get the job done, and then some.

Design and Features

The award-winning electric cargo bike has a solid frame, thanks to the truss-like aluminum reinforcing tubes it was made from. Thankfully, the bike is just as strong as it looks. According to the manufacturers, the bike can handle 350 pounds of load, including rider and cargo. The bike has a top speed of 20 mph and an estimated range of 25-45 miles per charge.

Ample cargo space

Radwagon has ample cargo space that comes with a great deal of versatility. There is a wide variety of cargo attachments on sale and your purchase decision would be based on your needs. If you’re a family person, you’ll be going for the children seats surrounded by finger protected bars. If you desire to go shopping or if you need to haul gear, there are special accessories that can serve your purpose. And for those that need a little more cargo space, the front of the bike provides room for flat racks or baskets.

High visibility

The bike is available in white and bright orange frame colors. Radwagon frames are designed such that they are clearly visible, even in the dark. Both colors are highly reflective and you can rest assured motorists and other road users would have no trouble seeing you at night. The tires also have reflective sidewall stripes that further increase visibility.

Adjustable frame

Although the bike comes in only one frame size, the frame can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of users. The seat has a lot of room to go up or down and there’s a reasonable distance between the seat and accessories. No matter your height or size, Radwagon cargo bike has enough room for you.

Packed with safety features

Asides the reflective frame and tires, Radwagon boasts a good number of interesting safety features. They include:

  • Extra-sturdy, double leg, center-mount kickstand that’s capable of handling 100 pounds of load.
  • Plastic skirt guard on the rear wheel to prevent clothing from tangling
  • Fenders on both front and rear wheels have rubber flaps that prevent injury while riding.
  • A reinforced frame to improve solidity
  • Half-grip throttle with an on and off switch and smart 5 level pedal assist
  • Integrated front and rear lights with brake light functionality
  • Regenerative braking technology

Pricing info

The bike is currently priced at $1,500 and it’s available for purchase on the official Rad Power Bikes website.