Fridge Eye – Turn Your Fridge into a Smart Fridge

Fridge Eye gives you a wide-angle view of the contents of your fridge (or pantry).

Estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show that the average American wastes between 225 and 290 pounds of food every year. As a whole, Americans waste enough food to feed 2 billion extra people annually. Many other developed nations also have a comparable scale of food wastage. One of the most common causes of food wastage is over-shopping. Too often, we buy much more than we need but we do not always do that on purpose. A lot of people over-shop because they do not know what they have and what they need.

Fridge Eye is a smart technology that gives you a wide-angle view of the contents of your fridge (or pantry). Once installed, the device transmits live images to your phone, giving you real-time access to what you have in your fridge. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what you need to buy and what you need not buy. It’s the most affordable way of making your fridge smart.

Design and features

The Fridge Eye is a refrigerator camera that is specially designed to make your fridge smart at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. If you’ve always fantasized about how much you could save on your grocery bills through a smart fridge but have found the cost prohibitive, the Fridge Eye is the perfect device for you. It allows you to assess the contents of your fridge on the go and consequently, makes it easier to shop only what you need. It promises to help you save cost on your grocery bills, save time, and also plan your meals.

No more grocery lists

If you have never been a fan of drawing up cumbersome grocery lists or you end up forgetting essential items despite all your effort, Fridge Eye is the innovative solution you’ve been looking for. With the ability to view a photo of your fridge or pantry anywhere and anytime, you can easily do without a grocery shopping list. Simply bring out your phone at the store and you can decide what and what not to buy.


Fridge Eye is easy to use for everyone and it doesn’t require any special training. Simply mount the device in your fridge and set up the Wi-Fi configuration. The app’s interface is simple and user-friendly and the device can record common grocery items.

Perfect for Eco-conscious consumers

Asides the fact that food wastage is morally wrong, it has far-reaching impacts on the environment. According to a study published by WWF, the food system is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases and consumer of natural resources. The system consumes 34% of land, 69% of water, and is responsible for about a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. If food wastage is curbed, about a third of the food system’s greenhouse gas emissions would be controlled. Equipping your fridge and pantry with a Fridge Eye could go a long way in helping the fight against food wastage.

Pricing Info

Fridge Eye is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Indiegogo campaign has met 86% of the target with about 10 days left. You can visit the official campaign page to check out the available pledges and rewards.