Poputar smart guitar: Built-in LEDs and an App to teach you how to play

Notes light up on the Poputar smart guitar.

Playing the guitar is one of the most rewarding things one can learn. However, it takes time, dedication, and some level of musician know-how, which causes many to struggle when starting. While many turn to guitar lessons, those can get confusing or move too fast (or too slow). They also take time and the lessons add up. But what if the teacher was the guitar itself, with its handy assistant of an app. Say hello to Poputar!

Poputar will change the way we learn how to play guitar for good. Forget the slow-paced, monotonous practices. Take the guided journey instead. Syncing with a helpful companion app via Bluetooth, a visual display complemented by well-lit guidance on Poputar’s headboard treats the player to not only a fun guitar tutorial but it provides a gamified guitar learning experience.

Designed from Mahogany wood and premium spruce using the world’s leading technology, this lightweight piece of musical genius takes only a couple of batteries to operate. The app contains an extensive song library, provides instant feedback on lessons, and guides the player through short, fun, easily consumed lessons.

Learning the Poputar is fun and fast

Practice is what really excels one at guitar playing, but the journey to that end is typically a lengthy one. Poputar aims to shorten the ride. With the help of PopuMusic, it’s a fantastic companion app that syncs with Poputar’s LED lights and helps you quickly learn to play any song in the library. Simply follow the lights on the fingerboard and follow PopuMusic as it tells you which strings to pluck.

The not-so-secret secret here is the immersive experience that transforms guitar learning into a gamified concept. Doing so makes it not only less frustrating trying to learn the versatile instrument, it also makes it a lot of fun. With Poputar you will be able to progress from a beginner stage to moderate to expert at a relatively fast pace.

The signal from the PopuMusic app is communicated to the guitar in a stunning 0.02 seconds, making playing seamless between the guitar and the app. But if you do get stuck, there is a bonus add-on in the app with built-in interactive e-learning that will walk you through the fundamentals and help troubleshoot any issues you might be encountering.

The Poputar is a 36 inch, lightweight instrument, designed to be compatible with most human body sizes. It has a battery life of up to 10 hours with the ability to fully illuminate the fretboard so you can jam alone or with friends for hours.

Playing Poputar with PopuMusic

Setting up to play with PopuMusic is simple.

  • Download PopuMusic App from either the App Store or the Google Play store, install and enable Bluetooth on your device of choice.
  • Power up the Pouputar using the power button on the side. You should see the LED light flash indicating that the Poputar has been initiated successfully.
  • Register on the PopuMiusic app
  • Select the instrument by tapping the “Select Instrument” key and choose Guitar.
  • Tap on Music Tools and go to Bluetooth. Wait until Poputar is found indicated by a small guitar icon on the screen.
  • After tapping the icon, after a brief moment, you will see an indicator of a successful connection.
  • The connectivity will be reflected on the Poputar when the lights on the fretboard stop flagging, illuminating only the first fingering position. You can now start playing!
  • You can then explore the app, courses, the song library, music tools, and daily exercises.

Learning quickly with Poputar

One of the best parts of the Poputar is that you do not need to learn sheet music or really understand in-depth music theory. You have the skills you have and let Poputar take care of the rest. Simply follow the notes on the screen and you will be playing sooner than you know.

Here is another obvious statement: you can play most songs. Once the chords are learned, you can combine them to formulate nearly any song. The Poputar not only helps you learn the chords (complex or simple), it helps you in putting them together to generate a melody.

The best part is there is no expectation of expediency. You learn and play at your own pace. You can adjust the playback speed to what you are comfortable with. Once you have mastered the notes and chords, you can move on to learning music sheets.

You can learn with interactive video tutorials, and repeat them as many times as you need to. No more forgetting what guitar class taught you and feeling behind. If you made great progress and want to see how much you’ve grown as a guitar player, you can trend your own progress to see how much better you have become than you originally started.


The Poputar P1 includes:

  • The Poputar P1 Guitar
  • Free PopuMusic App
  • PopuBag
  • Multifunctional Guitar Stand
  • Hexagonal wrench
  • Guitar Capo
  • 2 Custom Picks
  • 1 Custom Nail Clipper
  • 1 Spare Guitar String
  • Charging cable
  • The Poputar manual
  • A VIP Member Card


There are multiple perks offered for the Poputar Indiegogo campaign.

The Super Early Bird Poputar (Black) can be ordered without Pick-up for $259 (discounted from the original $399). The Super Early Bird Poputar (Black or Wood) can be picked up for $279 (discounted from $429). The Luxury Poputar Gold Edition can be picked up (w/o Pickup) for $349 (discounted from $499).

All models are due to begin shipments in December of 2020 for contributors to the campaign.