AirTaste – The Pot Reimagined

AirTaste Air Layer Cooking
AirTaste is essentially 2 pots in 1. Put AirTaste on the stove, and it will steadily heat the air layer sandwiched between the 2 pots.

The humble cooking pot has experienced some important changes through the years, such as the addition of non-stick coatings and surfaces to make cooking easier for the amateur home cook. AirTaste is bringing you the next evolution of the cooking pot. It offers a simple innovation in the construction that allows for a totally new outlook on cooking.

Introducing: AirTaste and its patented “air-layer” technology.

Effortless Cooking – Thanks to a Layer of Air

The AirTaste might be engineered to look like just about any other cooking pot you’ve seen. To look at it you wouldn’t know that there was proprietary technology housed within. That’s all part of the genius of course, because this is no gimmick that needs to be flashed outwardly. AirTaste opens up a world of new cooking possibilities to amateur chefs through use of a patented layer of air that is left between the pot’s cooking surface and bottom that contacts the heat. It’s like 2 pots in 1.

The air-layer technology is simply a 1-inch air chamber across the entire surface of the pot. It ensures a totally even distribution of heat not just along the cooking surface, but along the sides, too. This is part of the secret that makes AirTaste so easy to use. First, because of the heat distribution allowing for 360-degree heating, you don’t need to stir the pot! For AirTaste dishes, you can just load up the pot, leave it to cook and then come back when it’s done.

Second, the balanced air distribution stops any one part from getting overheated, which prevents burning and smoke generation. That means that the nutrients are held in beautifully, creating healthier, tastier and more nourishing dishes.

AirTaste Defrost and Cook

Finally, the AirTaste can handle every step of the cooking process, including defrosting. You could load up two huge pieces of frozen fish still rock solid from the freezer, leave them in the pan to defrost and start cooking. Then just return to add your seasoning when the defrosted fish starts to color and plump up. The cooking is so even and balanced that even a piece of frozen fish can taste like it was caught fresh off the boat that day.

Engineered for Perfect Results

The AirTaste isn’t just about getting good results with food, but about making cooking more convenient and consistent through top engineering. People traditionally turned to items like Dutch ovens and cast iron cookware to achieve better heat distribution. But AirTaste beats these by at least three-fold for precision and reliability. It’s also 2.5 times lighter than these heavy cast-iron pots.

AirTaste instead uses light and durable materials such as hard anodized aluminum oxide combined with a non-stick coating. The surface is slick enough to use without oil or water, and if you’re boiling rice of other ingredients, the even distribution eliminates the convection currents that normally form when boiling conventional pots, causing them to boil over. No boiling over with AirTaste!

Available Now

AirTaste is available in 4 different sizes: 7- or 9-inch pots, and 9- or 11-inch pans. It comes either in ocean blue or jet black, making it a stylish addition to any kitchen. Prices start from $99, or $379 for the whole set with shipping estimated at $20 to $90 depending on size and location. Get yours today.