Conda strap: From camera strap to tripod with the flip of a switch

Conda strap is part camera strap, part tripod - goes from loose to stiff with the flip of a switch.

The Conda strap is a new camera mount and strap from Frii Designs. For just $97 on Kickstarter, you can get the convenient camera accessory made to go wherever you need. You can use the Conda strap as a traditional camera strap. And with the flip of a lever, it turns into a tripod. Frii Designs have always been known for their quirky but incredibly useful camera accessories.

The Conda strap is a flexible shoulder strap that attaches directly to your camera. When needed, the strap can be converted to a tripod mount. Over three years in the making and more than 175 prototypes, Frii Designs has solved the problem of having to lug around all of your heavy and cumbersome camera equipment.

The origin of the Conda strap

Frii Designs is a company founded in Stockholm, Sweden, that has a vision of creating an easier life for photographers. They determine the most prominent pain points for photographers and work hard to develop innovative and useful solutions. These two brothers approached the Conda strap with the idea that photographers should be able to easily transport their camera with a tripod that allows them to shoot in any direction easily.

The Conda strap is multi-functional

The Conda strap, much like Frii’s last camera accessory innovation, does not disappoint. It basically operates as a fully functioning camera strap. And with the pull of a lever you can create the right structure and support to be used as a tripod. For the sake of comfort, the neck section of the strap is made from a soft, padded cotton blend that has both a smooth and rubberized side for extra grip. The remainder of the strap consists of sections connected with ball joints.
This allows the strap to take on any shape that you need to get the perfect shot.

When you’re ready to switch the lever and turn your strap into a tripod, the process is convenient and quick. All you have to do is make the strap into the shape you need and flip the switch. Once you have the shape locked, your strap can be anything – a tripod, a vlogger handle, side handle, or whatever else you need to take incredible photos and videos.

Two versions to ensure a perfect fit

There are going to be two different versions of the straps available for photographers to purchase. The first is the standard Conda strap. This version is excellent for lightweight DSLRs or mirrorless cameras that weigh less than 2.5 lbs. The length can vary between 41.3 and 59 inches long, with a width of 1.57 inches. The best part is that it weighs less than a pound.

The second version of this product is the Conda strap Plus, which can support heavier mirrorless cameras and DSLRs. The pro strap can support cameras weighing up to 4.8 lbs. and is between 42.9 and 59 inches long. Slightly wider than the standard version, the pro strap is 1.77 inches wide and weighs 1.17 pounds.

It’s all in the materials

The Conda strap is incredibly versatile and connects to any camera that uses a standard tripod thread with a knurled thumbscrew. This ensures that you can connect your camera without the use of any tools. Both the standard and pro strap are available in three distinct colors- black, ruby red, or titanium grey. They are made of a custom polymer, cotton, and PET.

Longevity was a top priority when designing and creating the strap. Therefore, it is easy to service. You can adjust the main functions and increase the lifespan of your strap without having to use any tools. One incredible feature of the Conda strap is that the manufacturer does not charge for replacement parts, no matter how expensive they cost.

Use the Conda strap without any guilt towards consumerism or putting extra stress on the environment. Frii designed the strap with sustainability in mind. They minimized the required packaging to ship and deliver the strap. The packaging they do use keeps the environmental impact low by reducing unnecessary volume and weight.

Not only are the materials used to manufacture the strap sourced and created sustainably, they are made in environmentally friendly factories. This ensures that emissions are kept to a minimum.

Frii Designs does it the right way

Despite the commitment to sustainability, Frii does not cut any corners when it comes to using top of the line materials to construct their strap. Made only with stainless steel, anodized 6061 aluminum, and super-strong fiber-filled nylon, you can rest assured that your camera is safe and secure when using the strap. The joints used to lock the strap are constructed with a custom-made polymer to provide a stiff locking mechanism within the strap.

The strap allows for three levels of stiffness: loose, semi, and stiff. The flexible adjustment is perfect when you need to use the strap function. The semi-stiff state gives you the option to shape the strap in your desired shape manually, and the stiff state locks the framing of the strap into place.

When to expect the Conda strap

When the Conda strap hits the retail market next year, the standard strap will cost consumers $149, while the plus version will come in at $179. However, the early bird gets the worm – those who purchase through Kickstarter can get the standard version for only $97 and the pro for $122. The first shipment is expected to go out in March 2021.

You can visit the company’s Kickstarter campaign page to learn more, stay updated on shipping information, and much more.