Sealegs 12m Cabin RIB: World’s largest amphibious production boat

The Sealegs 12m Cabin RIB utilizes Sealegs' largest, commercial grade amphibious system. Images © Sealegs

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Sealegs is a company offering true innovation in the field of amphibious boat technology. Using their patented amphibious system, boat users can transform their boat from land to sea and vice versa at the push of a button. This removes the need for the use of boat ramps, winches, backing trailers and other boat launching methods.

Hassle-free boat launching and retrieval

In a new evolution of land and sea technology, Sealegs have created a unique, single-handed system that allows boat users to transform their boat from a 92hp land-going craft with three all-terrain tires of up to 37 inches in size to a water craft driven by 800hp of outboard engine power.

Using this system, users can now bring their boat to the lake or ocean and then simply “drive” it onto the water. The seamless switching between land and water use foregoes the need for any crew assistance. It would help empower countless boating enthusiasts to enjoy their own craft more.

A truly unique amphibious system

The idea for Sealegs’ groundbreaking technology started as all great ideas should — as a funny sketch on the back of a napkin, back in 2001. Amphibious craft are not a new technology. However, the ability to operate one as an individual user is what sets Sealegs apart from the long amphibious craft heritage.

Sealegs’ technology removes all the difficulty that previously existed when it came to launching a small watercraft. Moreover, it finally takes amphibious technology out of the hands of large commercial hovercraft operations and into the possession of small-craft operators. It’s nothing short of a game changer.

Sealegs 12RC can be optioned with kitchen, up to 4 berths, among others.

Even better, the Sealegs system can be retroactively installed on existing hulls. Sealegs can take what they call the “donor hull” and then use its technical specifications and weight to put together a package that allows integration of the new amphibious system. This further empowers users of smaller crafts. They don’t have to buy entirely new vessels in order to enjoy the benefits of amphibious capabilities.

Flagship: The 12m Cabin RIB

Besides creating and fitting its system to an existing craft, Sealegs also has its own boats in development. Among them is their flagship model, the 12m Cabin RIB. This is their largest platform boat and is also one of the most versatile watercraft you’ll ever see.

Its on-land engine gets up to 94hp, which switches easily to the twin outboard engines outputting 800hp once on the water. It can carry up to 500 liters (132 gallons) of fuel. As the name suggests, it is 12m in length. It has space for 9 passengers on board when set in its recreational configuration.

Sealegs is creating these as custom units. Buyers can choose from a selection of accessories and add-ons, including (but not limited to):

  • Twin retractable sunroofs
  • Retractable swim platform
  • Dining table
  • Kitchenette
  • LED light bar and/or underwater lights
  • Stereo speakers
  • Up to 4 berths
  • And more…

The 12m Cabin RIB is customizable for both leisure and commercial use, and is the highest-powered unit in the entire Sealegs range. It was first designed as a concept in 2020 and is now under production for release in mid-2021.

Source: Sealegs