GoSun Chillest: A solar cooler that works without ice

GoSun Chillest cools food and drinks using the power of the Sun. Images © GoSun

Bringing a cooler to a day at the beach or a picnic by the lake is part of what makes a summer day out so magical. You’re away from your kitchen and your fridge, but you can still enjoy frosty-cold drinks, ice cream and other chilled food at leisure. One drawback of a traditional cooler, however, is that it relies on ice, which inevitably leaves everything in the cooler wet, soggy and miserable! On top of that, the cooler is heavy and its contents harder to find.

Enter: GoSun Chillest – the Ultimate Outdoor Cooler

The problems of ice are solved by this innovative cooler, the GoSun Chillest. It’s a solar-powered cooler box that can use its own battery and the power of the Sun’s rays to keep its contents chilled, and do so without using any ice. It can keep contents cool for up to 10 hours, and is built with two cooling zones for chilled or frozen goods.

With all-terrain wheels and a retractable handle, the Chillest transports more easily than a conventional cooler.

Its total capacity is 45 liters, meaning you can bring plenty of snacks and drinks (about 60 beer cans in total) for just about any outdoor event. Better yet, it’s constructed with the user on the go in mind. The GoSun Chillest features a built-in battery with 10 hours of life, extendable to 30 hours with the external battery. It has all-terrain wheels with a simple telescopic handle to pull along.

Ice is messy, it’s heavy and it takes up valuable real estate in the cooler. With GoSun Chillest, you’ll never have to worry about packing ice in the cooler again.

Built with Smart Technology

The dual zones have their own temperature controls, which you can operate right from the cooler unit buttons, or from your connected smartphone app. How is the GoSun Chillest able to get to these temperatures in the way it does? It uses an all-electric brushless DC compressor instead of a less-efficient thermo-electric cooler. The compressor only uses 45 watts of power to get the job done, which is far less than other cooler brands and household appliances.

The dual cooling zones mean you have a freezer and fridge in the same device.

You can use the separate elbow solar table to supplement the power over 5 hours with a steady 25-watt energy supply. You can also plug it into your car via a 12-volt or AC adapter. The solar charger panel also doubles as a table with a cutting board housed in the lid so you can cut up fruit for drink or prep food for the barbecue. Whatever you need!

New Features Added

The GoSun Chillest is an evolution of the company’s first-generation cooler based on customer feedback on the first Indiegogo crowdfunding round. New additions include:

  • Sorting baskets for the cooler compartments
  • An additional shading umbrella that attaches securely to the cooler
  • Bluetooth speaker attachment to play your favorite music as you enjoy the outdoors with battery life up to 6 hours
  • Smartphone connectivity

Pricing and Availability

GoSun’s latest Indiegogo campaign for the Chillest is still active and those who pledge to the campaign can enjoy rewards and get a discounted price on the unit. Orders are being taken now, and deliveries are expected to start in July 2021.