MOVEit mobile solar container helps utilize solar power in any location

MOVEit Mobile Solar Container
MOVEit's solar container is a solution for mobile solar energy. Images © MOVEit

Polish enterprise MOVEit Power has developed a novel and groundbreaking solution to the many situations in which quick and easy power is needed but the facility for a power station or connection to mains power is not possible. They have created an innovative, hydraulic mobile solar container that is housed entirely within a common 20-foot shipping container. What comes out of that container, however, is another story altogether. They call it the SunBOX 35A, and it’s an absolute game changer.

A fantastic mobile power source with extraordinary ease of operation

Mobile power solutions in the past would have meant a group of trucks bringing people, equipment, wires and tools to get the set up built on a site where it was required. With the MOVEit SunBOX 35A, a single person can operate the unit and provide up to 13.5kWp of solar power to any remote site.

The mobile solar container can be brought on a single truck. It can then be lowered to sit flat on the ground with hydraulic lifting gear. Once on the ground, the folded-up solar unit first emerges from the top. And then, step-by-step, unpacks itself into a full working solar array. MOVEit says that the entire process takes just 15 minutes when done by a properly trained individual.

These arrays from MOVEit have a huge scope of application: desert camps, army bases and camps, oil and gas exploration sites, construction sites, humanitarian aid sites and refugee camps, irrigation systems and much more. The SunBOX 35A can accommodate up to 35 solar panels on its frame. Each Solar Bruk-Bet monocrystalline module outputs 370Wp. If even one of the panels becomes faulty or otherwise in need of replacement, the structure allows that to be easily done to maintain maximum power output.

Sun tracking system built on an advanced hydraulic foundation

Besides being easy to operate, a quick glance at its construction and design reveals incredible innovations. First and foremost there is the tracking system, which is powered by a series of sensors that help automatically keep the array directly in line with the sun all day long. Minimal supervision is needed for this operation to work properly.

Beneath the powerful solar array itself is an intricate system of advanced hydraulics which has been specially constructed by industry experts in mobile construction. They don’t have any “vampire” drain on the solar power at all, instead running on internal power, which can be charged up separately while the container is being transported to the site that’s in need of power.

Part of the MOVEit Mobile Solar Container Series

The SunBOX 35A is one of three main products offered by MOVEit. They also offer the budget-friendly SunBOX 42 and the very affordable and largest array on offer, the SunBOX 360. All are similarly contained, but the latter two don’t feature the same automatic folding systems and instead use manual ones.

The SunBOX 35A is the most premium unit on offer thanks to its more advanced automated systems. The price starts at €72,500 ($86,525).

The SunBOX 42 offers up to 140 square meters of solar panel area when unfolded. The price starts at €30,900 ($36,877).

The SunBOX 360 offers up to 720 square meters of solar panel area when unfolded. The price starts at €29,900 ($35,688).

Source: MOVEit