SES PRO: Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver

Arrowmax SES PRO Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver
The SES PRO electric screwdriver has torque selection capability.

Intricate mechanical tasks, be they at home or in a professional setting, require precision tools made to the highest order of quality. The Arrowmax SES PRO smart motion control electric screwdriver fits that mold perfectly. This is a tool that is smart, ergonomic, dependable and, most important of all, easy to use.

Sleek, Aluminum build with OLED display

The entire structure of the Arrowmax SES PRO is made from sleek aluminum that delivers an attractive look with fantastic durability. Better yet, it helps keep the screwdriver light and easy to maneuver as needed.

The minimalist design makes the SES PRO even more beautiful to behold. On the clean aluminum surface, besides the name, all you’ll find are the switch button and a flawless OLED display. The display shows the battery indicator, torque level and drilling direction.

Torque selector and smart motion control

Perhaps the most unique features are found in the torque selection capability. Press the button on the screwdriver body three times and you get torque selection. Gears 1-4, with Gear 4 being “Low Torque mode” ( and Gear 1 being “Maximum Torque Mode” ( This allows you to set an appropriate torque level to match the job you’re doing.

The fifth mode is known as “Mode A” which uses the SES PRO continuously variable transmission (CVT) to allow step-less speed changes and thus much greater flexibility. This is the mode that delivers the SES PRO smart motion control. It will shift seamlessly through speed changes up to 200rpm, just as a car with CVT can shift through gear ratios with much lower mechanical efficiency loss.

Comes with 34 bits for all jobs

The SES PRO is packaged in a beautiful and sleek aluminum case to match its contemporary design. The package is light, compact and still includes all 34 bits, with everything from cross bits and five-star bits, to square, triangle, u-shaped and through-needle bits…the list goes on.

Arrowmax SES PRO 34 Bits

Whether you’re doing something delicate like removing a screw from a pair of old glasses or a set of wireless headphones, or something a bit heavier-duty like taking out screws of door hinges or something else, there’s a bit to suit every job.

Tech-supported easy operation

Besides the OLED screen offering all the information you need in one place, the operation of the SES PRO is made even easier by the addition not just of smart control with its CVT and seamless speed shifts, but also by LED lights. The head of the SES PRO is fitted with four shadowless LED lights that illuminate those dark spaces where screws are sometimes housed. This means you get maximum precision every time.

Furthermore, the SES PRO is supported by a high-energy 500mAh lithium-ion battery that offers up to 2 hours of uninterrupted operation.

Choose yours: The SES PRO or SES MINI

The Arrowmax SES electric screwdriver actually comes in two configurations. The first is the larger SES PRO, but there’s also the SES MINI. The MINI enjoys the same material advantages as the PRO, but lacks the OLED screen and comes with a smaller 350mAh battery, of torque force, and up to 1 hour of uninterrupted operation on a single full charge. The MINI set features 28 bits compared to the PRO’s 34 bits.

Whether you’re working on your smartphone, computer, glasses, RC car, headphones or anything else with screws that need moving, choose one of the SES electric screwdrivers to help:

The SES Pro starts at just $79

The SES MINI starts at just $49

A SES PRO and SES MINI bundle starts at just $119.

Order your SES PRO or SES MINI