Birò: Electric, 4-wheeled personal commuter with removable battery

Biro Electric Personal Commuter
Birò electric car's battery can be removed for charging indoors. Images © Biro

Say a (not so) fond farewell to frustrating morning and evening commutes with this innovative solution to urban mobility — the Birò. This 100-percent electric, 4-wheeled personal commuter started its life in Italy as the creation of Estrima and its CEO Matteo Maestri. Now it is exporting and offering its unique features to cities around the world.

Compact and versatile

The Birò drives like a 4-wheel electric car. However, its compact size means it can be driven into areas other traffic isn’t allowed as well as on the roads. Drivers of the EV get the best of both worlds, and can avoid traffic jams at every turn. You can take your 40-minute commute in your crossover SUV and convert it into a 10-minute ride in the Birò. That’s a great way to reduce the stress of city life. Even better, it’s so small that you can park it just about anywhere.

The Birò has a standard top speed of 45km/h (28mph), but if you add the “Bolt” package, then it can be raised up to 60km/h (37mph) for safer city driving. It’s easier to go with the flow when you have Bolt added.

Removable battery

The EV comes with 2 battery options, the first being the short-range “Re-move” battery. It has a range of 55km (34 miles) and takes from 2 to 4 hours to recharge. The second option is the longer-range “Maxi Lithium” battery. It gives a range of 100km (62 miles) and takes from 3 to 6 hours to recharge.


The smaller battery, “Re-move” is removable and emerges with a convenient drag handle and wheels like a set of luggage. You can simply wheel it into your office or other place of work and set about recharging it for the ride home again.

Room for two and well protected

Compact as the Birò is, it’s still a two-seater. So it’s perfect for working couples who need to travel into the city together. Because it’s a fully enclosed cabin, the car will keep you warm and dry no matter what nature throws at you. There’s even a windshield wiper on the front for rainy days, as well as rear-view mirrors, turn signals and headlights.

Biro Electric Car Two Seater

For added safety and stability, Birò comes with 4 disc brakes and its frame is made from sturdy 3mm steel tubing with high-density ABS plastic for extra shock absorption. The 175mm-wide tires give great traction on the road, and the wide, transparent surfaces of the passenger cabin ensure maximum visibility with 345-degree views from the driver’s seat.

Choose your Birò and get moving!

Birò comes in four main variants: Summer, Winter, Big, Box.

The Birò Summer is the standard model but with no doors so you can enjoy the open air. The Winter model has doors you remove and re-attach so you can adapt the car to the changing seasons.

The remaining Big and Box models offer 300-liter storage solutions on the back of the Birò for those who need to carry more with them on their usual commute. The Box has a customizable modular rear hatch that you can adapt to transport almost anything.

Biro EV Storage Space


  • Birò Summer starts at £8,990 ($12,430)
  • Birò Winter starts at £10,990 ($15,195)
  • Birò Big starts at £12,490 ($17,269)
  • Birò Box starts at £12,990 ($17,960)

Further customizable options are also available that will add to that base price, such as battery choice and Bolt package.

Source: Birò Cars