Quadrofoil: A revolutionary all-electric hydrofoiling watercraft

A 5.5 kW engine paired with two 5.2 kWh batteries give you an amazing reach of up to 50 miles.

The Q2S electric, energy-efficient watercraft designed by Quadrofoil is equipped with more power, more range, and a more thrilling experience than the manufacturer’s previous model. The company claims that this intriguing watercraft uses clean technology, is environmentally friendly, and doesn’t release any harmful emissions into the air and water.

The nuts and bolts – specs

The Q2S weighs in at about 335 kg and can carry two riders, each weighing up to 75 kg. The length, including the motor, is 3532 mm, and the width with the foils is 2593mm. The body of the Q2S is crafted with glass-reinforced plastic and utilizes Front Alu hydrofoils and Aft Alu hydrofoils. It is powered by 10.4 kWh batteries and an electric outboard motor QE 5.5 kW. It features a multi-function steering wheel paired with speed and stop controls.

The bells and whistles

A GPS with position coordinates is available as an optional feature. The direction of travel is located on the steering wheel, and an interactive color touch screen display is both available as standard features. Each Q2S comes with a windscreen, baseline color seats, an anti-slip entrance area, cup holders, a front storage tray, a front tow hook, two life jackets, a first aid kit, and a collapsible telescopic paddle.

There are many optional items available, as well. These include a graphic kit, pull-out ladder, rear platform, rear-view mirrors, anti-slip ribbed footrests, navigation lights, and position lights. Quadrofoil also provides further customizations through their local dealers.

The power and control

The Q2S’ outboard motor is arguably one of the most advanced electric motors on the market to provide a quiet and smooth ride. Two industry-standard lithium-ion batteries are outfitted with an integrated battery management system to help power the watercraft. The batteries are charged using a standard 110v or 220v socket with a custom charger provided by the manufacturer.


Quadrofoil’s patented steering systems give the driver the control and turn all four of the craft’s foils. This design provides stability and agility while operating the Q2S. The craft’s steering radius is 7 meters (23 feet). The Q2S’ C-Foils provide extra handling and control for steering. The c-shape design allows the Q2S to plane above the surface of the water, which helps to cut through waves.

The inside of the cockpit has been designed to provide a comfortable rider experience. Quadrofoil claims that their advanced ergonomic design within the cockpit helps to protect your back and knees while operating the Q2S.

How to get the Q2S

The Q2S is now available for preorder on the manufacturer’s website. Those looking to purchase their own can choose from the basic model, a pre-designed kit, or design their own customized Q2S. Potential buyers can reserve their Q2S for 34,980€ (about $US42,370). The price is subject to change based on custom design kits and added features.

Source: Quadrofoil Q2S