Airstream and Weber team up on a Traveler foldable grill

Airstream Weber Traveler rolls over smooth or rough surfaces alike, thanks to its rubberized wheels. Images © Airstream

The prospect of a big outdoor adventure is enough to excite many. But for some (even fans of the outdoors), it also means the ever-unimpressive dance of portable stoves, slow campfire cooking, or maybe pulling out the electric stovetop in your camping trailer if you’ve got one. While these people are despairing, however, Airstream Weber has come up with a far superior and highly portable solution, the Traveler portable gas grill.

The Traveler foldable grill

When creating the Traveler, Airstream and Weber were trying to accomplish a relatively simple mission: to create a portable but full-size grill system that can be easily transported on any outdoors trip, large or small. This particular unit is also designed to be used in conjunction with other Airstream products, in particular their on-board propane system.

Main features

The grill itself folds into a completely flat unit with easy-grab handles to make loading it into your vehicle easier. When you get to the point where you exit the vehicle and start walking to your camp spot, you can lift the grill like a piece of luggage, and roll it on its sturdy all-terrain wheels.

Once you get to your desired spot, you just lay it flat once again, unlock the pack, place your foot on the foot stand and then raise it up in one fluid motion. It will click into position, and then you’re done.

After a quick burnoff, you can close the lid and preheat your grill so it’s ready to cook whatever you have. The grill is ready for direct cooking of all meat, fish and vegetables, but some also choose to use the specially made pans from Weber with detachable handles that can be placed under the grill lid to cook items that would otherwise fall through the grill, like eggs.

Airstream Weber Traveler Folds Down Compact
The Weber Traveler folds down to a compact package.

As for fuel supply, the Airstream version (as previously mentioned) is designed to connect with the Airstream on-board propane system, but if you’re using it without Airstream gear, you can connect both small and large propane tanks to the underside of the Traveler foldable grill with ease. The closable lid ensures that even with this portable unit, you are generating a beautifully rich barbecue taste in everything you cook, and not losing all the goodness to the open air.

When you’re ready to go again, you just pull the release lever and the grill will flatten itself back down and automatically lock. You then attach the additional lock that you removed when setting up, and you’re ready to go. The grill features a temperature sensor so you’ll know when it’s ready to start cooking, and when it’s safe to fold away. Grease is caught in a lined trap that you can easily remove and clean.

Traveler foldable grill quick-connects to an Airstream gas hookup and gets sizzling.

Airstream Weber Traveler is available now

The best news of all is that the amazing Traveler foldable grill is available now on Amazon, starting at just $399. For those who seriously love adventure but don’t want to ever again compromise on the quality of the cooked food they’re consuming, the Traveler is the only grill they’ll ever need.